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photo novel - young love introduction

TEENAGE HIGH SCHOOL ROMANCE PHOTO - NOVEL Discover the new Romance Photo Novel Editon of Dean Amory's first part of the Young Love romance novel series: "A Schoolyard Love Story", or download the complete novels at : Young Love ... it's always complicated and never easy. For the adults, high school love always comes too early. It is considered a threat that endangers the already difficult relationship with teens and entrails "adult risks". Therefore all too often, young love isn't just ridiculed, but bitterly opposed and combated in every possible way. For the teens themselves, young love often signals the end of a carefree childhood. At the start, their hearts still take all important decision for them, but soon enough they have to start taking rational decisions: how serious are they going to take this new experience? Do they feel strong enough to oppose "the adult world"? How far will they go on the discovery path? The Young Love experience also is a period of transition between dreams and reality. No teenage boy or girl of flesh and blood is capable of fulfilling all the teenage dreams and wishes of their new sweetheart. At the same time, there is something endearing, fresh, compelling and innocent about young love that makes it irresistible, because stories about young love are about starting the path towards becoming yourself. They are open minded, unpretentious, have a strong sense of hope, and take us to a period in life where imagination still reigned and cynicism wasn't present yet. Such also is the story of Sean and Katherine, which you are all warmly invited you to read and enjoy. Dean Amory.

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