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Dumbbells Workout Fitness Program

Publications by Dean Amory that are almost free to download (price less than £2.00 - €3.00 - $3.00) GUIDE FOR WRITING, PLANNING, ORGANIZING AND HOSTING PERFECT MURDER MYSTERY PARTIES If you have ever wanted to host your own murder mystery party game but you did not know where to start, then this book is the perfect guide for you! A murder mystery provides drama and intrigue, encourages participation and helps guests bond through a common goal: to solve the mystery. Here is a step by step guide for writing, planning, organizing, playing and hosting the perfect professional quality murder mystery party of your dreams. All the ideas and inspiration you could possibly ever need to throw are included in this guide. Subjects treated include really everything: creating the plot and characters, redaction of invitations and instructional documents, practical checklist etc... INFLUENCING, INTERPESONAL SKILLS AND LEADERSHIP We all want a good life. Happiness does not come from itself however, it is the fruit of specific ways of thinking and acting in the world. So, how do you assure a raise of quality of your life in a practical and feasible way? This volume reviews a serious of successful methods to start improving the quality of your life today! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Check the full list at: At all publications can also be ordered in paperback edition for shipment in 3 to 5 business days to the address of your choice. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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