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Dumbbells Workout Fitness Program 17483147.html NONVIOLENT COMMUNICATION We are all living our lives the best way we can, trying to fulfil our needs as good as possible, trying also to do this without hurting others. And yet .... Often we feel miss interpreted, not understood, talking to walls, finding it impossible to convince others of our good intentions. That's where Marshall Rosenberg steps in with his long-time famous, but always very needed theory of NONVIOLENT COMMUNICATION. 20730715.html HOW TO INFLUENCE, PERSUADE AND MOTIVATE One of the main reasons why excellent people do not advance in their careers or fail in life, is because they don't realize the enormous importance of net-working, communication and influencing others. The knowledge contained in this book will allow you to be happier in your life and more successfully * make friends and inspire them * win other people for your standpoint * make business contacts * negotiate positive agreements * advance in your career * enhance your personal life, your love life, your social life * enhance your personal happiness * enhance your financial position By getting better at influencing and persuading people, you will in short, be able to more easily create for yourself and your loved ones the kind of life you have been dreaming of. EXIT INTERVIEWS GUIDE According to the NLH Knowledge Management Specialist Library, Exit Interviews are traditionally "conducted with employees leaving an organisation. The purpose of the interview is to provide feedback on why employees are leaving, what they liked or didn’t like about their employment and what areas of the organisation they feel need improvement. Exit interviews are one of the most widely used methods of gathering employee feedback, along with employee satisfaction surveys.

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