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SOCIETY Magazin 358

„Women In The Bible“ “WA” Spring Highlights Famous Castle Tours “WA” offered its members interesting excursions to lovely castles and a series of lectures dealing with cross-cultural aspects of Austrian life. The spring programme of “WA” offered no less than four excursions in the vicinity of Vienna. At Laxenburg, next to Schönbrunn the most important spring and summer residence of the Habsburg family, “WA” was received by Director Dr. Detlov von Winterfeldt, who gave a brilliant introduction to the highly important organisation IIASA (International Institute for System Analysis), which has been in existence since 1972, housed in the beautiful “Blaue Hof”. After a luncheon at the tavern kindly offered by the Director “WA” visitors saw the park and the romantic “Franzensburg”, a 19th c. creation, today an interesting museum with artefacts from all over the Empire. A special castle tour was organised to the eastern part of Lower Austria. After a reception at the garden house of Castle Petronell there was the guided visit through the very interesting “Landesausstellung” at Carnuntum. Historian Dr. Matthias Pfaffenbichler accompanied the group; he had given an excellent survey of the highly important first Roman settlement in Austria. “WA” member Lilo Rhomberg and her husband Manfred received the group for a wonderful luncheon at Castle Ludwigstorff in Deutsch Altenburg. In the afternoon Dürnkrut and Jedenspeigen, both site of the famous battle between Ottokar of Bohemia Castle Tour in Lower Austria and Rudolf Habsburg in 1278, fascinated everyone. Prof. Pfaffenbichler explained the historic exhibition at Castle Jedenspeigen. The tour ended with a wine tasting at at typical “Presshaus” in the village. Finally, a day excursion to Baden, the charming spa town near Vienna, led to the recently founded museum of painter Arnulf Rainer, followed by a guided walk through the well-preserved Biedermeier town centre. Highlight was the visit of the “Rosarium” in full bloom. The tour was rounded off by coffee and cake in the famous Casino Café. *** Lectures in the Club Room As regards lectures, the Club Room of “WA” hosted Shmuel Barzilai, chief cantor of Vienna’s Jewish Community, who talked about the importance of music in sacral and secular Jewish life. In his lecture he gave a live performance of liturgical music, Klezmer and classical songs. Then there was a lecture by Elisabeth Gürtler, Director of the Imperial Spanish Riding School, on “History, Present and Future of the Imperial Spanish Riding School”, followed by a tour of the Lipizzaner stables. Last but not least, Chief Rabbi Chaim Eisenberg gave his third reading of “Women in the Bible” at the kind invitation of H.E. Arnona Shir-On, spouse of the Israeli Ambassador. There were also a number of visits to current exhibitions in museums and to famous buildings in Vienna, which gave members of “WA” an understanding of Austrian history and cultural life. DIPLOMATIE WELCOME TO AUSTRIA INFORMATION WA “Welcome to Austria” was founded in 1997 by Dr. Benita Ferrero- Waldner, who was then State Secretary for Foreign Affairs, with the overriding objective of introducing foreign diplomats and international civil servants assigned to Vienna and their spouses to the Austrian way of life. The aims of WA are to promote the awareness and understanding of Austria’s rich heritage of culture and history past and present. WA would welcome newly accredited diplomats and their spouses to join the club. *** WA invites you to join: ■ You will meet many interesting Austrians in a relaxed atmosphere and make new friends. ■ You will be offered a wide choice of excellent programmes and learn a great deal about your host country. ■ You will be invited to private homes and through WA events you will enjoy many things which you would not have access to outside our Association. *** THE BOARD OF “WELCOME TO AUSTRIA” Dr. Benita Ferrero-Waldner – Founding President Foreign Minister Dr. Michael Spindelegger – President Gabrielle Schallenberg – First Vice President - History, Art Dr. Monika Türk – Second Vice President Mag. Stephan Hofstätter – Treasurer Mag. Gertrud Tauchhammer – Public Relations, “Schriftführerin” Dr. Elisabeth Wolff – Music Dr. Heide Almoslechner – German Anne Thun-Hohenstein – History, Art Dr. Stefanie Winkelbauer – Applied Arts, Cuisine Mag. Adelaida Calligaris – Liaison Officer *** OFFICE HOURS Mo-Tue-Wed: 2 p.m.–5 p.m. Thurs-Fri: 9 p.m.–12 p.m. Gabriela Znidaric, Secretary Hofburg, Stallburg, Reitschulgasse 2, 1010 Vienna Phone: +43-(0)1-535 88 36, Fax: +43-(0)1-535 88 37 E-mail: Elisabeth Gürtler SOCIETY 2_11 | 45

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