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View as HTML version PSI Journal 10/2016 Editorial Do not be afraid of the “nasty” audit W hen our roads were still being dominated by ramshackle, rusty old bangers, the term TÜV caused outbreaks of sweating among many drivers. This compulsory audit has stuck in the minds of many people. It is still disliked to this day. At the same time, the TÜV has led to better cars on the roads and less traffic accidents. It is similar in business today with audits. They lead to good results but are by no means popular everywhere. Who likes to undergo checks and controls, and on an on-going basis? Audits are rarely compulsory by law, but due to competition they are usually indispensable if you want to satisfy your customers. Those who cannot prove where and how their products are manufactured have enormous disadvantages on the market and often fail to comply with legal regulations. The pressure exerted on some manufacturers as well as distributors as a result of this makes itself felt in some conversations. A lot has changed in the past five to ten years. The times when entrepreneurs could do their own thing are finally over. Many are hurt by this. Today’s products come from all over the world, software can only be understood by specialists, multi-layered production processes are difficult to comprehend, compliance audits were once just foreign words and financial audits were a rare occurrence. Today, there are product, process and system audits at every corner. A considerable number of manufacturers are moaning because they are being scrutinised by the hundredth customer for the thousandth time. “We are auditing ourselves to death,” an audit-weary producer of bags told me, and suggested that at least some of his customers should join forces in cooperation audits. This would be cheaper for everyone and would enable a much larger part of one’s own assortment to be audited. An idea that cannot be dismissed. Basically – and this is important if auditing is meant to point out weaknesses and initiate improvements – in almost all areas of the company. It improves processes, increases return, creates security and secures the future. Check out our new layout and tell us what you think of it. Greetings from the editorial staff Manfred Schlösser | Editor-in-Chief PSI Journal Your opinion:

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