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Preview ew November Noovvvember 104 The Th most mostt beautiful b tif l season Long Longgdays, days y , endless hours of sunshine, sunshine,p pleasantly ple warm: For many people, summer uummer e is s ttheir their e favourite avou te seaso season. Those ose who have their own garden find it doubly beautiful beautiful. Who doesn doesn’t t go into rap raptures at the thought of balmy hours on warm summer evenings. Appealing promotional products can thereby be the icing on the cake. Speaking of the most loved one: For many men, this is the car. The second product range is therefore dedicated to wheels and the topics of tools and safety. Please now give some consideration to the product theme of the December issue with the thematic groups “Give-aways” and “Premiums, brands and design” and send your product presentations (image and text) no later than 17 October 2016 to: Edit Line GmbH, Redaktion PSI Journal , e-mail e mail hoeche hoech - mer@edit line de Albene Alb will ill be b 25 The e Munich Munich-based u c based se manufacturer u c u e oof of high high-quality, g qu quality y, cus custom custom-made o made e spo sports and promotional products is celebrating celebrating its its 25th 25th anniversary anniversary this this ye year. ye The owner owner Wolf Wolf Rüdiger Rüdiger is is particularly particularly proud proud to to be be able able to to now now offe offer offe the promotional products industry customisable all-over all over print tennis balls. ba More about Albene and its diverse promotional ambassadors can be found in the next issue. Happy H ppy birthday bi hd y Trend T Trend T dwas was founded ffounded d d30 30 yyears years ago g and dis now an indispensable part of the trade d show h scene. scene In IIn its iits anniversary i yy year, y the show will be held on 15/16 September S p b for ffor the h first fi first time i at the h Rosengarten RRo Congress Centre in Man- nheim, hi fl flanked kdbby llectures bby renowned speakers and crowned by the evening get-together with live sound at its best. We will be there. PSI Journal 10/2016 Imprint Published exclusively for the promotional products trade by PSI Promotional Product Service Institute, Reed Exhibitions Deutschland GmbH Völklinger Straße 4, D-40219 Düsseldorf Tel.: +49 211 90191-0 Fax: +49 211 90191-180 Internet: Publisher: Michael Freter Management: Hans-Joachim Erbel, André Weijde Editing: Edit Line Verlags- und Produktions-GmbH Dekan-Laist-Straße 17, 55129 Mainz by order of PSI GmbH Editor-in-chief: Manfred Schlösser Executive Editor: Ursula Geppert Editors: Martin Höchemer, r Anke Zimmermann, Christian Jacob, Werner r Menzel, Christoph Zimmermann, Simon Dietzen Duty Editor: Martin Höchemer Project Manager Publishing: Anja Heidbüchel Advertising Sales Manager: Anja Heidbüchel Key Accounts Key Account Manager: Armin Cyrus, Cross Media Sales Sales Manager: Senija Menzel, Karsten Böhme, Sales Executive: Thomas Passenheim, Alexandra Rymanova, alexandra.rymanova@ Regional Contacts Belgium and France: Reed Exhibitions ISG Belgium and France Alexandre Graziani, Italy: Reed Exhibitions ISG Italy s.r.l. Luigi Quadrelli, Spain: GPE S.L. Olga Pons Tel.: + 34 93 4244000, Turkey: Istexpo Ismail Sezen, UK: Reed Exhibitions ISG UK Daniel Cordock, Design: Edit Line GmbH, Mainz by order of PSI Promotional Product Service Institute, Reed Exhibitions Deutschland GmbH Layout: Stephan Weiß, Stephan Flommersfeld, Kerstin Vogtmann, Carlotta Katzer Photos: Lars Behrendt, Ursula Geppert, Martin Höchemer, Anke Zimmermann. The title theme and editorial content include the use of photos from Translations: Translanguage, D-40885 Ratingen Printing: Kössinger AG D-84069 Schierling Advertisement price list no. 48 of 1 September 2015 applies. ISSN number 1436-6193 Signed articles reflect only the opinion of the author. The publisher shall assume no liability for unsolicited manuscripts, photos and other documents. Return only if return postage has been paid (likewise no liability). For members of the PSI, the subscription price is included in the membership fee.

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