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View as HTML version PSI Journal 10/2016 ? >> Quality and risk management Introductory questions for companies _ Which target group do I want to reach, who is the principal? _ What quality requirements does my target group / my principal have? _ What legal provisions apply in the target market? _ Do I know the legal provisions? _ What quality requirements do I impose on my product? _ Can my supplier / manufacturer supply a defined quantity and product quality within a given time? _ Is my supplier capable at all of delivering the defined product quality? Under what conditions is my product made? _ Does the favourable price result from the neglect of social factors (employees, environment)? _ Does the favourable price result from the neglect of product safety and quality? _ Is my company, my order size, my batch size attractive at all for my manufacturer / supplier, and is my supplier willing to accept my quality standards? (or am I unattractive as a small customer)? therefore achieve a lasting promotional effect. It is only logical then that this assumption may only prove true if the products have a reasonable durability and function flawlessly. 57 per cent of respondents even believe that the good quality of a promotional product carries over to the customer‘s perception of the products and services of the he advertising ad advertising ertisingg co company. Companies thus choose promo- tional ional i l products pproducts d pr pprimarily because of their lasting impact on image and awareness, whereby quality is a crucial parameter. The importance of the factors product safety and quality can be supposed considering the quantities involved, for example, in the international merchandising range of major customers, such as the car industry, or in the sports sector. Here, the products that our industry provides are not only an emotional component of brand loyalty, but the basis of a business segment that should not be underestimated. It is here that the relevance of quality management reaches a completely different dimension. Global challenge For globally operating companies which sell their products worldwide, it is of course a great challenge to adjust their promotional and merchandising products to the local legislation of the sales regions and to identify suppliers who can supply suitable products. In the past, it was suff ficient to comply with the legal requirements of the EU. With the opening up of further markets, that is no longer enough. Test reports and certificates which confirm EU-conformity are not sufficient for authorities in the USA or China; even packaging and care instructions for textiles must be adapted to local requirements. These issues will also be addressed in our series. < Quality assurance is worthwhile The development and implementation of a quality assurance concept is not rocket science and need not be an expensive undertaking. In the beginning, of course, you have to invest time and energy and naturally there are also additional costs that arise. However, unlike recall costs, fines and loss of customers due to defective products, they can be calculated and are deductible. The quintessence of quality management is to set quality objectives and to implement activities and tools that allow the verification and implementation of quality objectives. 37

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