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View as HTML version PSI Journal 8-9/2016 To make round corners from sharp corners. No problem thanks to modern technology. of Geiger-Notes: modern design, highquality practical features for everyday business life and last but not least quality “Made in Germany”. The business notebook is particularly functional when combined with a calendar to become a true hybrid timer. And Mroczek explained further that this is widely accepted by the market. A SLEEK DESIGN A business notebook also scores with other extras, however, such as the colour and motif-colour design. The notebook edges can not only be printed in an individual customised colour, they can also be printed with logos, images or texts. By Geiger- Notes’ own account, the motif colour edging is an absolute innovation. A new article which has been part of the product range since early 2016 is the CI-Book: a premium notebook with a “modular system” which allows the cover, rubber closure, rubber pen loop, colour edging and many more options to be customised. THE FINE DETAILS OF A NOTEBOOK With an understanding of the importance of the business notebook as a promotional product, the workshop then focussed on the production of a business notebook. Before the participants of the workshop set out on a 90-minute tour of the production facility and to witness the manufac- ture of a notebook, Ralph Tomm, head of central order management, and Mario Strauss, team leader of the book division, gave an insight into the theory. After a brief outline of the fact that the material of notebooks is “entirely FSC-certified”, that more than a million sheets of paper are kept in stock, and that notebooks are produced in block, the focus moved to the theoretical part. It was explained, among other things, that lamination is important to protect the print from drying out or from scratches when the guillotine is used, and which cover materials are cut to size, when and why round corners are made from sharp corners, and that a notebook continues its way along a suspension line (incidentally, the largest machine) to ensure that the book block can be properly mounted into the book cover. FROM THEORY TO PRACTICE With this theoretical knowledge in mind, each production step was explained by an expert. Matthias Seltmann, head of tech- Not with kid gloves but nevertheless handled with gloves: the notebook is touched carefully during this step of procedure. nical order management, led the interested visitors through the production facility with his wealth of expertise and explained the various stages of manufacture. Thanks to the professional introduction in the morning, the recognition factor of the respective production steps was very large. Visitors saw how paper was cut on the guillotine and further processed on cover materials cut to format. Along the suspension line, visitors witnessed how the multitude of book blocks are mounted into the book cover. The next stage was the press station where ultimately the book block and cover are pressed together to attain a folding that ensures the book cover can be optimally opened and closed. Visitors also observed that the rubber pen loop is still connected using precision handwork skills when producing the notebook. As a special treat and as a reminder of the day when they became notebook professionals, several participants had their own personal notebook embossed with their name. < An individual embossment turns a notebook into a personal one. 69

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