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10 FOCUS PSI Journal 7/2016 high-end products in the form of highly complex multi-functional solutions that are to some extent deeply integrated into other business intelligence platforms should be treated with caution. Modern CRM software with Mobile CRM and Online CRM supports the networking of all employees and all processes in the customer-oriented value-added chain of the company. In addition, the latest software solutions are capable of integrating and analysing data streams from the social media channels such as Facebook. The issue of hosting still has to be clarified: a stationary server in your own office or a provider of trust? The current trend is towards web-based solutions via cloud computing. In addition, there are also specific CRM solutions for the promotional products industry. PROMOTIONAL PRODUCTS INDUSTRY IS WELL PLACED FOR CRM The promotional products industry has laid a good foundation for a successful CRM philosophy. After all, the supervisors and consultants of promotional products users have been addressing the customer and his needs for a long time. This is therefore not the key issue. To understand what it is, it is worth taking a closer look at the struc- DR. KLAUS STALLBAUM In 2009 Dr. Klaus Stallbaum and Olaf Hartmann founded Multisense Institut – dedicated to the implementation of scientific findings from brain research and psychology in marketing. In 2010 Stallbaum established stapag Agency for New Communication, focussing on social media dialogue, SEO, quality content, monitoring. ture of the promotional products trade. At the top are the specialized agencies that have distinguished themselves for a long time and established their own priorities in the market. They have ideal CRM systems and have the optimum balance between their automated online store activities (customer care, customer acquisition and search engine marketing) and individual customer service through professional customer service. Their know-how advantage is usually between one to two years. However, there is a particular focus on promotional products distributors who year aff ter year ensure the bulk of the sales of promotional products, although they have to do more every year to maintain their sales and especially their narrowing margin. RAISING CUSTOMER SERVICE TO ANOTHER LEVEL These are usually the promotional product distributors who have up to seven employees. They are already suffering from their fixed overheads. Additional orders and new customers are gladly accepted. But this is where the cost trap is lurking. To cover additional overheads, more personnel are hired. Consequently, the fixed overheads rise. This often eradicates the margin obtained. At this point, a remedy therefore needs to be found. That means learning from the major players. Options for action for smaller companies can usually be developed from the exemplary CRM business philosophy of the leading agencies. Whereas the big agencies operate with a high-end software, well advanced standards suffice for the smaller players. To this end, there are also providers spe-

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