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View as HTML version PSI Journal 7/2016 BLOMUS THOMAS VOGLER TAKES OVER B2B SALES IN GERMANY Thomas Vogler, an experienced industry expert, took over German sales (B2B) for the design brand blomus at the beginning of June 2016. Vogler is no stranger to the Sundern-based company: “Mr Vogler has many years of professional experience and has been competently and successfully serving the blomus brand in western and northern Germany for more than seven years,” says blomus sales manager Helmut Tillmann. With immediate effect, Handelsagentur Vogler is now Thomas responsible for the whole Vogler of Germany. Vogler himself says: “I am delighted to be able to expand my work for the blomus brand.” < TROIKA NEW ADDITION TO CUSTOMER SERVICE EXPORT GROWING PROMOTIONAL IDEAS EMOTION FACTORY IS TAKEN OVER BY HERI The emotion factory brand, known for its specialty products for growing promotional ideas (seed packets, plants, pots and lots more) and creative Christmas give-aways, will henceforth be a brand of the company Heri-Rigoni in Fischbach in the Black Forest. Previously in the range of the Jung Group (Jung Bonbonfabrik, foodvertising and Gummi Bären Land), emotion factory will be integrated into the non-food portfolio of Heri-Rigoni. The success story of the product range of emotion factory is to continue at the manufacturer that boasts years of experience in the field of stamps and pens. Jung will henceforth be solely focused on the food sector and will expand and develop this even further. As a longstanding customer advisor and product developer at emotion factory, Roland Schulz is accompanying his brand to the Black Forest where he will be integrating the distribution and production at Heri-Rigoni. The existing range will be retained and will continue to be enriched with innovations. Contact: emotion factory Heri-Rigoni GmbH Sommerberg 16-18 D-78078 Fischbach Telephone +49 7725 9393-0 Telefax +49 7725 9393-50 LINOTEX NEW MANAGING DIRECTOR APPOINTED Troika Germany GmbH has announced a new addition to its internal sales team: With immediate effect, Eva Weide has Marcel Nusser has been appointed the new managing director of Linotex GmbH in Steinheim. Since 2013, he has mostly been working in the company’s sales depart- joined her colleagues in ment. During his business studies in Nuremberg, he gained a lot of knowl- Customer Service Export. edge in marketing/merchandising. Parallel to this, he was instrumental She replaces Katrin Hohn in supporting and continually developing the fan shop of the German sec- who has been on ond division football team 1. FC Heidenheim 1846. Marcel Nusser would maternity leave since like to develop Linotex GmbH sustainably and quickly. “An important el- late May. Eva Weide is ement is the expansion of the product portfolio in direct import. In coop- mainly responsible for eration with our subsidiary in Hong Kong and the associated production the B2B promotional facilities in China, we can already offer our customers individualised prod- product range in France ucts at great prices,” says Nusser. Furthermore, the company is pressing Eva Weide and – among other areas ahead with the expansion of its in-house finishing centre. Beyond the Marcel Nusser – the B2C distributors in print versions already available, entry into the transfer technology mar- France as well as North and South America. ket has recently been successfully completed. As a result, textiles in particular can be pro- She has a good command of English, vided with durable, multi-coloured and inexpensive promotional motifs. Marcel Nusser French and Spanish. < also emphasizes that Linotex has always been synonymous with absolute distributor loyalty: “We want to expand our market share step by step together with the distributors. We have already enhanced our digital presence through our multi-functional online store. This and other sales promotion measures are continuously being improved – for the successful sales work of our distributor customers.” < 29

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