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30 INDUSTRY PSI Journal 7/2016 PIAP MEETING EDYTA LISOWSKA IS THE NEW PRESIDENT During the Reporting-Electoral General Meeting of the Polish Chamber of Promotional Products Members, which took place on 19 May 2016 at Zielna Conference Centre in Warsaw, in connection with the expiring term of office of PIAP authorities, the gathered members chose the new composition of the Board and Audit Committee. The new President of PIAP (Polska Izba Artykułów Promocyjnych) became Edyta Lisowska from Ellis B&L company. The position of the Vice President was taken by Tomasz Chwiłowicz from Jaguar company, who in the previous term held the post of the President of PIAP. The second Vice President became Magdalena Owczarska from Citron. The new appointed Board Members of the Polish Chamber of Promotional Products are: Maciej DembiÐski (Rosnowski Gift), Anna Roszczak (Asgard), Zbigniew Grzeszczuk (Paul Stricker), Monika ŁabÐcka (AMC Group), Wojciech WÐsowski (12M). The new audit committee consists of: Sebastian Piłka (Inter...Test), Iwona DuliÐska (Kunszt), Tomasz Barudin (Texet Poland) and Zbigniew ZieliÐski (AWIH). During the meeting, the financial statements of the Association for the year 2015 was adopted and the Board was granted discharge for the year 2015. Unanimously, also the action plan of PIAP for 2016/2017 was accepted. “I am extremely pleased with the fact that during the last reporting-electoral meeting of the Polish Chamber of Promotion- Edyta Lisowska al Products began so lively discussion. Not individual entities, but co-operative and efficiently working teams make good and constructive things. PIAP is one of such teams. There are many of us, and I hope that thanks to further fruitful work there will be even more of us to work for the good of the entire advertising industry. I hope that the brainstorm that was launched during the General Meeting will continue throughout my entire term, and the operation of the whole Board will make that many creative members of our organization will contribute to its development and strengthening. Yet we all strive to become a strong voice of the advertising industry. Continuing the work of the predecessors, we will reinforce the prestige and, even more, will consolidate the position of PIAP as a strong leader that brings together not only the great suppliers, importers or manufacturers, but also solid, creative and hard-working advertising agencies, as the company, which I have had the pleasure to represent for almost 15 years. Everyone who would like to participate in the tenth year of our activity and co-create such a strong organization of this industry is most welcome”, said Dr. Edyta Lisowska, the President of PIAP. For more information visit: < VELOFLEXX NEW MANAGING DIRECTOR As a medium-size family-run company, it is especially important at VELOFLEX to define objectives and find ways for the company to ensure that its customers can be reliably supplied with products from its production Monika Dormann and Karl-Christian Dormann. facility in Kölln-Reisiek in the future. To this end, Karl-Christian Dormann was appointed managing director of Veloflex Carsten Thormählen GmbH & Co. KG on 1 May 2016 with the sole power of representation. He was also appointed partner in the company. With his ideas and many innovations, Karl-Christian Dormann wants to continue to make the company fit for the future. < ACAR EUROPE RELOCATION TO NEW OFFICES After five years in Bad Homburg, Acar Europe GmbH has moved to new, optimised premises in Bensheim/Germany. The company is well known in the promotional product market for the high-quality products of its own brands Arwey (notebooks) and luuds (leather goods). The new postal address is: Acar Europe GmbH Lindberghstr. 5 D-64625 Bensheim Acar Europe can be reached on its new phone number +49 625198249-0. All e-mail addresses remain unchanged. <

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