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76 PORTRAIT PSI Journal 5/2016 What was your first thought this morning? Where is my sports bag? The morning walk to the gym is the perfect start to the day. When is your day a good one? When the turnover figures are good and all the employees go home happy. What gets you in a good mood? When I check our Google visibility each Sunday and see that we have overtaken some competitors again;-) And what drives you crazy? When I have to explain things twice because someone didn’t take any notes. What are you most likely to forgive yourself for? For errors that happen when I give all I’ve got. When do you lose track of time? At work ... ;-) and when reading a good book. If you were forced to take a four-week holiday, where would you go? To Miami, or alternatively to Thailand. What do you like spending your money on? On holidays and good food. Do you let yourself be seduced by advertisements? Unfortunately, all too often ... When is a promotional product a good promotional product? Long life = lots of brand impressions. What is the best promotional product you have ever received? A powerbank that recharges my chronically weak iPhone battery ;-) What do you find irritating in relation to promotional products? If they give up the ghost after being used for the first time. EXPANSION TO EUROPE “With the growing success of the online concept in Germany, allbranded has taken up the cause of internationalization,” says Arne Schubert. After precise market analyses, the allbranded troupe lunched online shops in Austria and Switzerland in the second half of 2015 that “took off like a rocket”. Now they are aiming at Europe. The kick-off for this is opening another shop for France in February 2016, for which a French-speaking country manager was specially hired. “We are now set up so that we can get a new shop on its feet within eight to ten weeks,” says the managing director, and emphasizes the “low level of wastage” of inquiries and orders obtained on the Web. “We can track up to 99 percent of what happens, thus we can very efficiently use and control our budget. This is not necessarily true of analogue channels.” Schubert is convinced that information gathering is going to shift increasingly to the digital track. PIONEER OF NEW TECHNOLOGIES As an interface between the world of objects and digital advertising, allbranded wants to continue developing “at all levels” and be a “pioneer of new technologies”. Hence it has already set up a WhatsApp channel for close customer contacts and has recently been investing in the “augmented reality” project. Thus allbranded offers its customers a technology trend that enables “logos to be brought to life and 3D animation, text information, and graphics to be transported in real time to the smartphone or tablet of the viewer.” Just as with QR code, animation, videos, or product information of the advertisers are linked to the respective logo in encoded form. “With the aid of augmented reality, promotional products can address even more of the senses and enhance their effect,” explains Arne Schubert. “Anyone who wants to prevail against the competition in this world’s constant flow of advertising has to show a great deal of creativity to reach their target group, involve it interactively, and stick in its memory for a long time. Promotional products are the most memorable advertising vehicles, and we want to start investing them with an extra portion of ‘originality’ or a creative ‘fun factor’ by means of animated logos. This will give rise to advertising that gets people curious and talking about it.” We are also anxious to follow the further path of allbranded, which is sure to be able to develop much more potential with its mission “to draw attention to customers” and help them “to stand out from the crowd with new trends and products”. <

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