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View as HTML version PSI Journal 5/2016 leaner company, optimize the sales process, and sketch a ‘proof of concept’ that I could implement with online sales of personalised lanyards under the claim ‘Lanyardpeople’. That was in 2012, and it worked so well right off the bat that I could easily imagine trying it out with other products, too. After all, you can put a logo or advertising method on anything.” So it was not long before the birth of the “allbranded idea” with which Arne Schubert started off as early as 2013. ESTABLISHED AS AN ONLINE SPECIALIST At first, the young company had 5,000 items in its range and its philosophy of presenting original, creative, and trendy promotional products as an online specialist was so well received that the supply soon grew to 10,000 products. “Low-priced, fair, professional, convenient, innovative, and fast” were and still are the characteristics allbranded practices, which have increasingly been joined by the attribute “all-encompassing”. Now the portfolio of the Hamburg-based company runs to around 60,000 customizable products from all areas of advertising specialties. In the process, they showed a good feel for innovations and trends, and convinced customers with a perfectly structure network of well-known suppliers. Custom-made products were made in select production plants in the Far East after being conceived and being conclusively released by customers. In addition, local agencies ensured targeted product sourcing. Of course, visiting the PSI was also obligatory for the allbranded product research and public relations. “As far as the choice of products is concerned, we select with a strict orientation to quality and also pay attention to adherence to all important international standards, guidelines and certifications,” emphasizes Schubert. RAPID GROWTH “From the very beginning, we did business with a real start-up mentality,” says Schubert, sketching the verve and positive energy of this thoroughly young team marked by the entrepreneurial spirit, which was out to “make the topic of promotional products emotional, sexy, and accordingly take it online.” With a lean concept and attractive offers, it quickly succeeded in gaining even big customers. “In early 2014, we managed to win over 330 investors for the allbranded idea by means of a crowdfunding campaign, so that we were able to invest a great deal more in our business model and position ourselves much more professionally,” reports Schubert. Keywords were optimized on the web and thereby significantly enhancing allbranded’s Google search volume. “So far, we have been able to at least double our sales each year,” he adds, not without pride. In fact, allbranded has managed to take a respectable 25th place in the current growth ranking of “Gründerszene”, the leading medium for start-ups, with its growth of 222 percent. This rapid expansion is also reflected in the number of employees. Where the first year saw only three, the allbranded team has since grown to fifteen following the financing round. These also include two trainees who could well be a foundation for adequate young talent. RECOGNIZING THE POTENTIAL OF THE WEB At allbranded, the potential of the Web was recognized. The fact that the young company has been able to trim the focus of the internet distribution channel to online or to seasonably “proselytize” (as Arne Schubert puts it), speaks in favour of this ap- proach. Lucid, competent, visually appealing, and structured is how the allbranded website presented promotional products in the form of special brand worlds, also elucidating intently “the power of promotional products”, describing all that promotional products can do, providing practical tips on suitable promotional products, and on various ways of customizing and their effect, on the right way to use advertising gifts and the specific advantages to using promotional products. With only a few clicks of the mouse, you can configure and order your products. In addition, individual, in-depth consulting from the allbranded team facilitates the search for exactly the right promotional product to effectively be incorporated into advertisers’ marketing programmes. WIDE SPECTRUM OF DIFFERENT CUSTOMERS “The spectrum of our customers ranges from small operations, like the corner butcher, to medium-size companies up to wellknown players on the international markets. Yet we give every customer the same attention, trying to work up a concept optimally tailored to the respective advertising goal,” explains Schubert. And in doing so, allbranded obviously gets convincing results. The likeable as well as dynamic Hamburg company has managed in only three years to establish and maintain a customer base of more than 2,000 satisfied corporate clients. 75

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