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38 INDUSTRY PSI TRADE SHOW: EXTENSION OF TARGET GROUP What led to the extension of the target group of the trade show being discussed so differently this time? We discussed the matter on an equal footing with our members, partners and associations. That was one of the lessons we learned from past discussions. The process was of course facilitated by the development towards the GWW General Association because we now have a common platform. Are market-related reasons no longer an issue ? The fact that more and more companies in the industry have recognized that you cannot build for the future with old recipes certainly also plays a role. Competition is not getting any easier, margins are getting smaller, the Internet is creating its own conditions, the industry customer is placing increasingly higher demands and medium-sized companies require significantly more convincing arguments as to why they should remain loyal to the promotional product. And there are more and more small trade show formats which perforate the closed shop notion of PSI. That has been evident for a long time now. Incidentally, not only small trade show formats do this, magazines have been doing this for many years – not ours – and the Internet also does it. Whereby it is true that other trade show formats are almost entirely accessible, allowing anyone in without scrutiny and without strictly advising their exhibitors to work with trade and industry prices. This development is also reflected in the other German-speaking countries. Add to that the massive increase in the number of in-house trade shows. So why should we still get annoyed? Let me make it clear: The PSI adheres strictly to the closed shop concept. If we allow distributors and consultants on one day to bring along their customers whom they invite themselves, then that is entirely “closed” for all others who, for many years, have wanted to attend the trade show but have not been allowed. How exactly does that work if a distributor wishes to invite his customers to PSI 2017? First of all, let me say that the trade show now has a new time format: it will now take place from Tuesday 10 January 2017 to Thursday 12 January 2017 – and consultants and distributors can bring along their customers only on Thursday, the last day of the trade show. How exactly does that work? Can he simply bring along his customer in his car? Once a consultant or distributor has registered for the PSI 2017, he will receive an invitation code – not a space in his car. He can then inform his customer who can then register at a separate ticket shop for industry customers. The entire process may sound a little complicated, but it is extremely easy to use. Anyone who uses the Internet will find it simple. PSI Journal 5/2016 NEW OPPORTUNITIES BY CHANGE The extension of the target group of the PSI Trade Show is no longer under discussion, at most the “how”. And this “how” is being discussed very constructively and objectively. Whilst change was previously considered to be more of a risk, the vast majority now believe it represents more of an opportunity. We asked Managing Director PSI Michael Freter for his assessments and intentions. And it is strictly prohibited for exhibitors or the PSI to invite industry customers. The PSI is, on its own initiative, prohibited from doing this and has also undertaken to the GWW General Association and its members to do so. In view of the high degree of networking in the industry, contravening this commitment would cause a storm of protest. But the exhibitors will receive a code with which they can invite others. Yes, but we have to make a strict distinction: With their code, exhibitors can invite only customers of distributors and consultants. With their invitation code, they cannot invite industry customers – that is the intent and purpose of codes. This is child play with today’s electronics and data management.

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