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View as HTML version PSI Journal 4/2016 ART DI COMO DESIGN GMBH TASTY CHARITY EVENING The company Art di Como Design is not only known in the industry as a supplier of trendy fashion articles and design accessories, but also for its culinary events and products of its business unit “RistoSante “. Relying on his experience in the latter area, managing director Rudi Raab, in his capacity as president of Lauf Lions Club, initiated a charity cooking Rudi Raab (right) when handing over the cheque to Münzinghof managing director Michael Taubmann (left). In the centre: Awardwinning chef Andreas Schweiger. . event. He also managed to gain the services of award-winning chef Andreas Schweiger who waived his fee for the good cause. Under the guidance and with the advice of the renowned professional chef, 23 participants prepared a delicious 4-course meal in Raab’s RistoSante cooking school and donated a total of 7,500 euros to the Münzinghof community. The amount was rounded up to 10,000 euros by the Lions Club. 140 people, of whom about half rely on assistance due to a disability, live in Münzinghof in Velden. For 35 years, residents have been operating a farm based on the principles of biodynamic agriculture and produce cheese and bread from their own farm products. The donation will go towards the construction of a planned horse stable where supervised riding is soon to be offered. < PWA EXPO HELSINKI POSITIVE MOOD On the evening of 4 February 2016, the spring event of the PWA Expo (Promotional Wholesale Association Scandinavia) closed its doors at the Wanha Satama exhibition centre in Helsinki. Overall, the two-day event was attended by 401 people. Klaus Beyer, PSI representative for all Scandinavian countries, drew an optimistic conclusion: “Despite a slight decline in visitors compared to the trade show last year, the mood was positive. The Finnish promotional products market has been marked by moods of recession for about two years. However, there were no such moods apparent at the event just ending.” Among the 34 exhibitors were three German suppliers (Geiger-Notes AG, UMA and WIL Langenberg). Local representatives of several other German suppliers such as Daiber, Fare and Hal- far were also represented. The next event will be held again at the same place in the Katajanokka district of the city harbour of Helsinki on 24 and 25 August 2016. If you are interested in this and other trade show events of the Scandinavian region, Klaus Beyer can give you more information and arrange contacts: Tel. +49 5824 985826, mobile +49 172 7477262. < FURTHER EXPANSION ALLBRANDED OPENS ONLINE SHOP IN FRANCE A llbranded, Despite a slight fall in the number of visitors, there was a positive atmosphere at the exhibition centre Wanha Satama. the promotional product specialist from Hamburg, continues to grow. Aff ter extensive market analyses, allbranded has now set up the website, an online shop for advertising business customers in France, thus adding to its stores for Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The website offers a wide range of promotional classics, give-aways and innovative product ideas. A modern design, a clear navigation structure and large images make it easy for customers to search for a custom-fit promotional product. The responsive design ensures optimal utilisation. Each article can be configured online with just a few clicks and finished with a logo as well as a special advertising message. “Since being founded three years ago, allbranded has already recognized the great potential of a European expansion and has now implemented this through the presence of an e-commerce offering in France”, said Marco Krahmer, CMO of the promotional product distributor. “The launch of the French site of allbranded will also be introduced in the near future for the shops in Spain and Great Britain, specifically adapted for each country.” < 35

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