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View as HTML version PSI Journal 4/2016 tern and production technique. Customers are offered various kinds of personalisation. They can, for instance, decide on an already available Tie Solution design and apply their own company logo to various places on it, or have an entirely new product fashioned in which their corporate identity is already taken into account during production. QUALITY-CONSCIOUS The primary goal of Tie Solution is to provide its customers with the highest quality. Tie Solution has established itself on the European market as a prestigious manufacturer of high-quality accessories. “Thanks to many years of international experience, excellent suppliers, and expertise profiting from close collaboration with the best designers and business partners in the textile industry, AGS Tie Solution is today synonymous with quality and swiftness,” says Managing Director A.G. Sanchez. BEST QUALITY RAW MATERIALS “Tie Solution uses only first-class materials in making its various product lines. The raw materials we use are of the best quality and range from silk to rayon up to microfibre, from cashmere to wool up to cotton,” Sanchez explains. Tie Solution accessories are made mainly of silk and rounded off aesthetically and qualitatively with fabrics such as twill, stain, and crepe. The company uses wool to make scarves and necktie interlinings. Since wool has natural thermoregulatory properties, it makes the Tie Solution creations pleasant to wear even in wet weather. Microfibre is used to offer customers an alternative line of ties and bowties with regard to price and quality, since microfibre is easy to clean and protects the textiles from spots and stains thanks to its smooth surface. Economical to produce, polyester is a good way to make low-price products. “Tie Solution trusts in the highest material quality, yet we also off fer low-price models in order to meet every customer’s wishes,” says Sanchez. LARGE SELECTION Many new patterns are added to the Tie Solution range of ties each quarter. Every new market launch brings forth a palette of seasonal colours and patterns that meet the requirements for both conservative and modern styles. In the process, Tie Solution off fers two different kinds of tie: the modern tie as well as the “seven fold tie”, the “Rolls Royce” of ties, which can be made to measure. Tie Solution also offers a select combination of formal attire. Bowties are produced upon request as desired by customers. The festive bowtie creations are available in silk (twill or satin), microfibre, and/or polyester. The range also includes a large number of shawls, dress handkerchiefs and bandanas in various colours. All knitwear is on offer in a wide variety of patterns. LADIES’ SHAWLS, PASHMINAS, AND SCARVES The Tie Solution ladies product lines range from woven silk, wool, cashmere, and mixed fabric scarves and pashminas up to smooth silk, microfibre and polyester kerchiefs. All kerchiefs come in three different standard sizes and can be personalized in accordance with customers’ wishes by means of various printing techniques. In addition, customers can choose any other desired size. PACKAGING OPTIONS A number of packaging options in various formats and materials are on offer for all products. These include leather, wood, metal, cardboard and paper. “Our packaging formats are as varied as our patterns. Thus customers can choose the packaging for- mat they find most appealing: round, angular, oval, in the form of an envelope, cases with or without zippers, and many more. Depending on customer demand, the various packages can be procured in mass production or for small orders,” says Sanchez. All Tie Solution packages can be personalized in accordance with customers’ wishes. The complete collection can be found on the company’s website. Tie Solution GmbH Gießener Str. 72 D-35415 Pohlheim bei Gießen Contact: Antonio Gea Tel. +49 641 35099680 < 63

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