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View as HTML version PSI Journal 4/2016 1ST PLACE: THE FIXXO UNIVERSAL SMARTPHONE MOUNT FOR THE CAR A new feature of the product is, for example, that it can be docked into vent grates or vent fins of every shape and size thanks to an innovative grip. Sascha Behrendt, BEMAG Sascha Behrendt / fixxo Germany “In our ten-year history, we have already won all well-known industry awards and are spoilt in this respect. But first place in the PSI FIRST Awards is a very special distinc- Christian Voithenleitner presented the fixxo universal smartphone mount for the car. tion for us, because it’s a People’s Choice Award. Here the products are not selected by a jury in an arbitrary and inflationary manner, but by the group of people who are vital for us, the promotional product distributors. They have voted our fixxo universal car phone mount ‘Number 1’ at the PSI Trade Show out of 50 products. We have already been able to observe that the transparent and credible nature of the award process, and the fact that there are only three winners, has allowed our product to receive maximum attention and appreciation. We thrive on innovations, which we also express through our umbrella brand “WOW! Products”. Every one of our products has a WOW! factor. That’s our unique selling proposition in a fiercely contested market. We are known for not only recognising trends but also for setting them.” THE WINNERS AND THEIR PRODUCTS 2ND PLACE: CEMENT POWER BANK Under the motto “making the impossible possible”, the team from Vim Solution has created a product in a completely new design: a power bank out of concrete. Bastian Scheil, Benjamin Mayer, Vim Solution GmbH “We participated in the PSI FIRST for the third time and, of course, had hoped to make it into the higher ranks. But it was also important for us to show the customer everything that is possible. Frank Börschig, customer advisor at Vim Solution, with the concrete power bank. The fact that visitors could directly decide which product is most convincing for them this year is absolutely the right approach, because the customer ultimately decides which products he wants to use. We already received incredible feedback on our product during the trade show. This was a very positive surprise. This prize is a testament to our efforts. It is both an incentive and motivation to remain innovative. It is fantastic to receive such great resonance from customers for what we do. “Innovations are extremely important for us, but consistency in the range is also important”. We have combined both with our product. We will continue to work innovatively and would, naturally, be very pleased to take part again next time with an innovation!” 3RD PLACE: SUNCARD SUNGLASSES IN A POSTCARD It is a “do-it-yourself sunglasses assembly set” through which the sunglasses receive a new form and many additional features. The promotional effect is also great, as the product is a flyer and giveaway in one. Moritz Menzel, PLAYGRND / Menzel GbR “We took part in the PSI for the first time this year. The fact that we won the award Moritz (left) and Mathias Menzel (PLAYGRND/ Menzel GbR) were beaming at the PSI. at the first go is a great honour for us. It is the perfect start for entering the promotional product market, as we have just launched our product and are still getting to know the industry. We were once told that one needs awards now and then in order to become known and remain noticed. As industry newcomers this is therefore ideal for us, as we would, of course, like to draw attention to ourselves and be taken seriously. The fact that the prize is awarded by the people also means a lot to us, as it shows us that our idea is well received directly in the market. Hundreds of business cards that we collected at the PSI are the proof that can be seen and felt – we are still working on processing them today. PSI FIRST was a big success for us – on site and afterwards.” 39

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