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34 INDUSTRY PSI Journal 4/2016 www.psi-network.dew STABILA MESSGERÄTE GMBH CHARITY WITH HAPPY FAMILY STICK In cooperation with Deutscher Kinderschutzbund Landau-SÜW e.V. and Deutscher Kinderschutzbund Bundesverband e.V. (German Child Protection Agency), the longestablished company Stabila Messgeräte developed an innovative mini parental guide in the form of a measuring stick for World Children’s Day 2014. Part of the proceeds from each measuring stick sold should serve a social purpose. On 16 February 2016, 1,028. 65 euros was handed over to Deutscher Kinderschutzbund in Annweiler. Since its announcement in September 2014, the first edition of the “Happy Family” measuring stick has been sold out. “The purchasers, including banks, insurance companies and well-known industrial companies, gave away the officially certified parental guide to expectant mothers and fathers”, explained Tobia Buchmann, head of promotional product sales at Stabila. The growth of a child from birth is documented on the lovingly designed measuring stick. Apart from reminders for check-ups and contact addresses of family welfare institutions, the “Happy Family” measuring stick also provides meaningful advice on everyday family life. Companies can order the measuring stick at and have it personalized with their logo before giving it away. < Tobia Buchmann and Holger Binder, head of sales and marketing at Stabila (left), present Heinrich Braun and Sina Kaimer of Kinderschutzbund the donation from the sale of the parental measuring sticks. Copyright: JeannetteJung/Stabila . NEW BACK OFFICE STAFF MEMBER PREMO STRENGTHENS ITS TEAM Premo, the Almelo-based Dutch supplier of promotional products, is relying on Esther Brüning to better serve its customers in the German-speaking region. The 35-year-old Brüning comes from the German Münsterland region but has spent her entire professional career in the Netherlands. She has been employed at Premo since July 2015, and initially worked in the graphics department. Since January 2016, she has been the new contact person for all issues concerning customer requests and orders, whereby she also prepares the print data and creates the proofs for customers. She thus also supports Hans-Georg Nientiedt who continues to look after customers in the German-speaking region locally through his commercial agency. Contact: Esther Brüning / < © JeannetteJung/Stabila KALFANY SÜSSE WERBUNG NEW STAFF IN CUSTOMER SERVICE Kalfany Süße Werbung, a renowned producer of personalised confectionery, has been further strengthened with new personnel. Bernhard Stemke has recently become responsible for customer service of the customer base A, B, C as the successor to Kim Häckel. With over 20 years’ experience in back office and field Bernhard Stemke and Melanie Reinbold have brought fresh impetus to the distribution network of the confectionery producer. sales, the qualified wholesale trade businessman Stemke boasts in-depth knowledge of his tasks in the field of product advice, including order processing of personalized promotional products. As the successor to the now retired Vera Nadler, Melanie Reinbold has been supporting the customer service team since the beginning of February. Qualified both as an industrial clerk and as a business administrator, she has many years of sales experience in the field of printing products and is looking forward to the diverse tasks of being responsible for the future customer base D, E, F in the production and finishing of sweet promotional products. <

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