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56 PRODUCT GUIDE COMPOSTABLE PENS NATURALLY TRENDY PSI Journal 4/2016 For the sake of the environment and due to the progressing climate change, many companies are rethinking their approach to sustainable and ecological products. With this in mind, elasto is releasing a new recyclable cork product series onto the market. It includes a notebook with rubber strap, bookmark and 80 chequered sheets, an organiser with various flaps and a variety of writing utensils, a pencil case with ample space, a pencil roll with different coloured pencils, ruler, eraser and sharpener, and a tablet PC bag with an elegant button fastener. Thick bark of the cork oak is used as the material. The tree doesn’t need to be felled to obtain the bark, as it keeps regenerating and can be harvested every nine years. A cork oak that has been harvested absorbs four times as much CO2 as a tree that hasn’t been stripped of its bark and thus continuously and sustainably improves our climate. All items can be refined through single-colour screen printing or five-colour pad printing. PSI 41369 • elasto form KG • Tel +49 9661 890-0 • The green line pens of Stilolinea are not only biodegradable, but even compostable. The special material, a family of biopolymers derived from plants, of which Stilolinea has the exclusivity for pens production, is degradable through a decomposition process that happens in a very strict time interval. Stilolinea created a line dedicated to companies who, without spending more, want to demonstrate a gesture of sensibility towards the environment. There are two available models in the “Green Office” line: Ingeo and Vegetal Pens. On top of the clip of both models and on the grip of the Vegetal pen are emphasized the sustainable messages that guide to the choice of these products with this additional quality. The barrel made in “lime satin” colour recalls the concept of ecological object, while the pens characteristics are coordinated with the chosen ink, available in the four colours required for the office: blue, black, green and red. The “Green Office” pens can be ordered neutral or personalised, used both as a “corporate” object and as a marketing tool for trade shows, corporate events, or as a simply giveaway gadget to own customers or as a stationery product to be commercialized in the retail stores. PSI 45328 • Stilolinea S.r.l. • Tel +39 11 2236350 •

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