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View as HTML version PSI Journal 3/2016 EDITORIAL SOON ONLY AMAZON? Jeff Bezos sold his first book on Amazon, 20 years ago. Today, his company is the largest trading house in the world. Assets worth 40 billion euros have catapulted him to number 15 of the richest people in the world. The three most expensive companies in the world are now called Alphabet (parent company of Google), Apple and Microsoft. Jeff Bezos proved to be correct when he said that the Internet would turn the world upside down. Especially the world of commerce. Where a handshake, over-the-counter business and personal relationships were worth their weight in gold, Bezos has swept aside these traditional values. He first wanted to call his company “Relentless” and thus laid his cards down on the table very early on. The industry of the book publisher is currently experiencing what it means to have such an adversary. If you look for promotional products at Amazon, however, you will also find pages of offers from all product segments. The specialized online distributors are still a decisive nose Manfred Schlösser ahead because they are closer to the products and customers. They can also personally serve their customers when it comes to large-scale business, and offer them advice. Not only in this case is know-how worth its weight in gold. The success story of the digital world shows where the train is heading. The promotional products industry has to take a similar approach. Adversaries know no mercy. This is not, however, a plea for online trading only. Quite the contrary. When used effectively, promotional products still have a great need for advice. The Internet still cannot provide that, and probably never will. That is the good news – which we have to capitalise on. When searching the web for advisors/distributors in the industry, you quickly notice that the opportunities of the Internet have by no means all been exploited. Buzzing through the web are countless shops which in no way indicate that a professional company in the industry stands behind them. An emotionless collections of products. No mention of effectiveness. No mention of advice. Have these issues been taken seriously at all, or is it simply a cost problem? My advice, not just for beginners: Utilise the eProducts of PSI, from the Product Finder to the Online Shop – they offer tangible benefits to members. There is no easier or cheaper way. Believe someone who has defied almost every pothole in the digital age. And believe me: It is no longer rocket science to be up to date. Scepticism quickly turns into excitement when you wisely combine good product knowledge, good service, good advice and bite-sized, digital solutions. With this in mind Manfred Schlösser Editor-in-Chief PSI Journal Your opinion: 1/3

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