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View as HTML version PSI Journal 2/2016 (Chairman), Michael Freter and Manfred Schlösser (PSI, Business Partners Section), Jürgen Geiger (Suppliers Section), Ronald Eckert (Consultants Section) and Frank Dangmann (Brand Products Section). At the proposal of the Chairman, the outgoing former board members Hans Joachim Evers and Klaus Rosenberger were appointed honorary members in recognition of their contribution to the association work. Evers was chairman of the earlier GWW for 8 years and chairman of bwg for 12 years; he has been honorary chairman of bwg since 2015. Klaus Rosenberger can also look back on a long career in the association: He headed the association of brand owners for 16 years and served on its board for a total of 20 years. Politze thanked both gentlemen for their commitment, especially in the unification process within the framework of the constitution of the new unified association GWW. ADVERTISING BUDGETS ARE RISING The next day, the meeting of members continued at the premises of Deutsche Bank Unter den Linden. Both André Schwarz, Deputy General Manager of BGA, and Manfred Parteina, Managing Director of ZAW, greeted the participants. With an increase in advertising turnover in Germany by 2.3 per cent to 50.3 billion euros, ZAW expects a positive result for the current advertising year. An increase in the budget is also expected in 2016. With regard to the inadequate political restrictions, cross-product and cross-media minimum requirements have to defined. PANEL DISCUSSION: POLITICIANS WERE SENSITIZED During the second part of the meeeting, the subject of taxation policy was on the t agen- da. First of all, the participants heard an introductory talk by Dr. Janine v. Wolfers- dorf (Institute of Finance and Taxaation, Ber- lin) who addressed the most imporrtant facts and problems of the current taxx debate. The highlight of the event was certainly the subsequent discussion on thee taxation of promotional products, products which brought g together two members of the Bundestag, Lothar Binding (MP, spokesman for financial policy) and Olav Gutting (MP, CDU, rapporteur for income tax). The choice of Berlin as the meeting place certainly enhanced the willingness of the politicians to address the tax issues in the industry. Apart from the participants already mentioned, Josef Bösl (Kahla/Thüringen Porzellan), Ronald Eckert (Döbler Werbeartikel) and Michael Pleines (Ferrero Germa- ny) were also on thee podium. During the constructive and sommetimes controversial discussion, the poliitical representatives were made aware of the t effort and discrim- ination the current taax law means for pro- motional product commpanies as well as for users. The event was a good start to an im- portant issue, whichh will be further ad- dressed in the workking group Policy of GWW. PROFESSIONAL LOBBYING IS IMPORTANT Ronald Eckert, who took part in the panel discussion as a promotional product con- sultant, commented: “In my opinion, the panel discussion was a real milestone on the road to reducing the tax disadvantages for promotional products. I believe that as a result of the cited examples and the candid discussions, both MPs have recognised the problems of our industry and therefore of our customers in the use of promotional products. If professional lobbying y gby yGWW can rely ely on open and will- ing political participaants, then I can imag- ine there will be chaanges that are in our interests, at least in the t medium term.” CONCLUSION: GOOD START FOR GWW Other lectures dealt with the practical matters concerning legally compliant archiving of e-mails (Holger Bartsch), the reform of the Insolvency Act (Justus Schneidewind, lawyer) and the economic and socio-political perspectives of migration. The two meeting days were thus a successful mix of information, discussion and association work in the narrower sense. < The highlight of the meeting was the panel discussion: Dr. Janine v. Wolfersdorff, Ronald Eckert (Döbler), Michael Pleines (Ferrero), Dr. Tanja Wiebe, Olav Gutting (CDU MP), Lothar Binding (CDU MP) and Josef Bösl (Kahla) (left to right). 35

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