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4 TRENDS & BRANDS MACMA TRADE SHOW INNOVATION: A CATALOGUE THAT COMES ALIVE PSI Journal 2/2016 At the PSI in Düsseldorf, Macma showed that there is a coexistence of print and online. A marriage with a great future, as Matthias Huff explained to PSI Journal. The ingenious product is called “Sensar”, an app that any interested person can download for free in the App Store. And what else do you need? A current catalogue from Macma, which this time is not continuously punched, a trademark until yesterday, but only on the cover page. On the page beneath is a marker placed underneath the hole, which in principle is a modern QR code. If you place your mobile phone and the opened “Sensar” app on the marker, the catalogue comes alive. Beams emitted from the Sensar code are radiated towards heaven, enabling you to flip through the pages of the product collection. An amazing animation. But the whole thing is not a game and it is much more than just a gimmick. For Macma this technology, which has largely been developed in-house, is a modern marketing tool for every promotional product distributor. On certain pages, the Nuremberg-based supplier demonstrates what is possible in the print-digital world in the future. By aiming the app at a selected item such as a pen, you can view the product from all sides on your mobile phone or tablet by simply rotating the catalogue. By “installing” various clips, you can show the end user what would be possible. The Sensar catalogue will boast two very important features in future: It will make it much easier for promotional product consultants to identify products as well as their added value and capabilities, and to convey this information to the customer. The inventor, Macma, should also save its customers the need for any explanation, which currently still requires a significant effort. But “Sensar” can do much more. For instance, the marker can also be attached to a promotional product – which other suppliers with similar technology also offer. Should a target customer, such as a car brand, aim its app at this marker, invitations to events, video sequences and countless other conceivable messages can be communicated. A gigantic added value for advertising and the impact of a promotional product. Of course, such programming costs a lot of money. However, it also opens up opportunities to access budgets that have so far remained out of reach in the industry. Suddenly you are talking to the top decision-makers for advertising at large companies that are already investing enormous sums in younger target groups. Macma, however, considers the app in itself to be the foundation of a business model that creates a win-win situation, albeit one that must be purchased. For 199 euros, a Macma customer can equip 10 pages (products) in his own catalogue with “Sensar” technology. If you want more, you can even purchase larger packages. And one more thing: page 123 in the new Macma catalogue is alive. Depending on the season or festive occasion, new “season gifts” can be viewed using “Sensar”. Page 123 is continuously edited and relaunched by Macma. It is amazing what you can do with “Sensar”. “Almost everything,” says Matthias Huff. It remains to be seen how the industry reacts to the new technology. The word from Nuremberg is that the trade show was a great start.

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