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Foreword About PSI The PSI (Promotional Product Service Institute) has been serving the European promotional products industry and its market participants as a service provider and networking platform for more than 50 years. Its services support the daily work of more than 6,000 market participants such as manufacturers, importers, finishers, distributors and agencies. Key services include personalised consultation and product research as well as marketing, professional training, industry contacts and online product search solutions. These services enable our member companies to generate new business and grow their profits long-term. PSI Show The PSI show in Düsseldorf is the number one meeting point of Europe’s promotional article industry. Around 18,000 agencies and distributors from more than 80 countries meet around 1,000 producers and importers from more than 35 nations. Timed in January, the beginning of a new business year, this most comprehensive platform provides 50 real product-premiers plus -innovations, trends, new business contacts, networking and education in three days. All you need to get a valuable insight into the market, create value for your customers and generate business. PSI Industry Barometer Promotional products are in demand, and the market operates at a high level, according to the findings of what’s already the sixth edition of the PSI Industry Barometer. PSI members achieved average sales growth of 5.2 per cent in 2017 over the prior year. Forecasts for 2018 call for a similar jump. With the Europe-wide PSI Industry Barometer, the PSI has designed its very own market research tool, a survey on the current state and trends of the industry aimed at delivering regularly updated market data and industry information. More than 700 PSI members participated in the current market study. In addition to recurring themes revolving around sales, turnover forecasts and sustainability, the latest analysis also considered order volume and potential by industry and product segment. For entrepreneurs to be able to make correct decisions they must know the situation on the market, including information about which industries are most attractive and which product segments are most profitable for promotional products. Sustainability is a topic that continues to gain in significance. Both distributors and, in particular, manufacturers take their social responsibility seriously and increasingly move towards sustainable quality. As companies get larger, the share of companies with certifications goes up. Above all, medium-sized companies starting at about 25 employees lead the way. They view sustainability certifications as a necessity and a competitive advantage. For the first time, the industry report included questions about the statutory changes brought on by the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which goes into effect in May 2018. Companies are faced with several significant changes compared to the existing legal situation. Hence it is paramount to wrestle with the issue and ramp up preparations. PSI members still have a lot of catching up to do, especially in smaller companies. For more on that, turn to page 26. 3

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