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22 1/2017 Industry Barometer EUROPE Suppliers Distributors Do you feel sufficiently informed about the CSR reporting requirement that went into effect on 1 January 2017? 18% Yes © PSI 2017 34% 49% No I’m not sure 12% Yes © PSI 2017 28% 60% I’m not sure Since the start of 2017, major capital market-oriented companies are required to report standardised, measurable information about the social and environmental impact of their business practices. Thus far, 18% of suppliers and 12% of distributors feel sufficiently informed about the CRS reporting mandate. Information about the CSR reporting mandate: The EU’s CSR reporting mandate went into effect on 1 January 2017. The EU’s argument for introducing a CSR reporting requirement is quite simple: consumers have developed an associated sensitivity when it comes to products and the companies that make them, leading them to demand greater transparency. The consumer wants to know: How much CSR is in my product? And how solidly sustainable is the company behind the product? At the end of March, Germany, too, implemented a CSR reporting mandate, which retroactively went into effect on 1 January 2017. Only large corporations with more than 500 employees are affected initially, a group that naturally includes lots of publicly traded companies. Starting now, their annual reports must include a separate CSR section. So-called pre-financial information must be provided with the goal of delivering insights into a company’s ethics, social standards and environmental profile. A particular emphasis is on the Suppliers Distributors No protection of human rights and the prevention of corruption. By the way, this also includes the supply chains. This means that thousands of small and medium-sized enterprises in Europe will now end up under the sustainability microscope as links in the supply chain. Consumers aren’t the only ones interested in the sustainability profile of the products they put into their shopping trolleys and the companies behind those products; promotional products buyers at the companies and brands affected by the EU’s CSR reporting requirement want such transparency, too. What’s more, they’re required to demand it by law. For additional information about the CSR reporting mandate, visit the website of the German Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs:

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