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16 1/2016 Industry Barometer Industry trends SUPPLIERS DISTRIBUTORS DID YOU TAKE ANY STEPS TO BECOME CERTIFIED OR OBTAIN PROOF OF SUSTAINA- BILITY FOR YOUR AREA OF ACTIVITY IN 2015? 27.8% say: No TOP 1: SEDEX 72.2% say: Yes, we have taken steps CERTIFICATION MEASURES IN 2015 The “Supplier Ethical Data Exchange” is an online platform facilitating the secure and asynchronous exchange of ethical supply chain data between organisations. It reduces the burden on suppliers through audits, questionnaires and certifications while driving improvements in ethical performance. 62.3% say: No, we have not taken any steps TOP 1: ISO 37.7% say: Yes © PSI 2016 © PSI 2016 72.2% of UK suppliers took steps to become certified in 2015. Not only is this trend in line with the detected Europe-wide trend, it actually outpaces it. In Europe overall, 54% of suppliers took steps to become certified in 2015. The “International Standardization Organization” develops international norms aimed at standardising processes and procedures; every step in the production and management process conforms to ISO-defined rules. SUPPLIERS DISTRIBUTORS

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