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Why are there three application options but eight categories? There are three application options: company, product and campaign. However, each company submission scores in a total of five categories, which makes it possible to win up to five awards with a single application: • Categories for a Company 1-5: - Economic Excellence: proof provided in the form of certificates, which can be easily uploaded. - Environmental Excellence: proof also submitted simply by uploading any certificates obtained. - Social Excellence: proof of social commitment provided by uploading relevant certificates. - Environment Initiative: requires a description and proof in the form of a photo or comparable proof – these initiatives will be evaluated by the jury. - Social Initiative: like in No. 3 above, a description along with relevant proof is required. These initiatives will be evaluated by the jury. • Category 6 for a Product – Sustainable Product: Upon submission, products receive an initial score based on uploaded certificates obtained for the product. In all cases, however, the product itself must also be sent to the PSI (see page 15), because the product along with any submitted certificates will be evaluated once more from the sustainability perspective of the jury. • Category 7 for a Campaign – Sustainable Campaign: Apply for this category by describing and uploading your campaign. Additionally, the promotional product deployed in the campaign must be sent to the PSI (see page 15). Campaigns will be evaluated by the jury. • Category 8 for the overall winner – Sustainable Company of the Year: The participant scoring the highest number of points across all categories will win the overall “Sustainable Company of the Year” award. That means one cannot apply directly for category 8. All submissions, awards and seals are limited to the current calendar year, plus the last five full calendar years. 7

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