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Sustainability and the promotional product industry A holistic sustainability concept protects the environment, preserves natural resources and documents social standards, all while helping companies to differentiate themselves from their competitors. The PSI Industry Barometer has found, for example, that more than 55 per cent of the suppliers in the PSI Network are concerned with sustainability and associated quality management measures. Similarly, my talks with distributors have shown that they too have internalised sustainability as a part of their daily work. After all, recycling and recyclable products have become wonderful selling points these days, if not door openers for customers who care about sustainably produced promotional products. Sustainability delivers additional benefits for suppliers: conclusive evidence shows that brands are more successful when they’re systematically managed according to the basic tenets of sustainability and when they boast sustainable supply chains. The PSI Sustainability Awards We believe that the promotional product industry is much further advanced than is widely assumed. And with the PSI Sustainability Awards, we’ve created a platform that’s far more than just a marketing tool for our sector. It enables manufacturers, suppliers, importers, distributors and agencies to measure and document their sustainability efforts in an easy-to-understand way. Many of last year’s participants were surprised by how much they had already accomplished: the awards are your chance not only to document your commitment but also to have it assessed and rewarded. But what’s much more important is the message it sends to the outside world: promotional products are sustainable! Michael Freter 3

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