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Rope Skipping by Szabó Lili 7A Rope skipping is a very nice sport that I began last October. You can do many things with the rope: you can just jump or you can do exercises like double jumps, etc. You can do it everywhere because you only need a rope. Once I was in a competition where I won two medals. I was very happy. Rope skipping is very good for your health and you can easily lose weight. Five minutes of skipping is like 10 minutes run- -ning. It is very effective. In Hungary it isn’t a very popular sport, but I think it would be great if a lot of people knew about it. If you want to see an interesting exercise see “Buddy Lee workout” on the internet. World Championship by Heny Szy 8B In the beginning of November, 2012 I was informed that our dancing team qualified for the Acrobatic Rock ´n´Roll “ World Championship in Poland. This wonderful news was one of the best moments in my life. Since that day our team worked even harder than before. Time flew and soon it was Thursday, the day of our departure. At 8am we entered the bus and we had a long 12 hour journey ahead of us. After we arrived we checked in our hotel which was a 1 star hotel in the middle of a forest….. The next day we had training and we discovered the city and the big shopping center. In the evening we all went to bed early. We woke up at 6:30 am and prepared our make-up. Afterwards we went to the sports hall which was the biggest gym I had ever seen. There we saw our 26 “enemies” waiting for the fight. A short time later the competition began. There were 3 rounds. In the beginning we didn’t think that we would dance in the final, but luckily we did. Unfortunately the judges didn´t tell us the result and that drove us crazy. We had to wait until 11pm until the results were announced. At 11 pm everyone was quiet. Suddenly, we heard that our team, the Party Girls, finished 5th. We couldn’t believe it and hugged each other. The first and second place were won by teams of the Czech Republic and another Hungarian group finished third. This was our first world championship and we hope we ‘ll achieve even better results next time.

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