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WHAT TO DO IN BUDAPEST 4DX CINEMA by Máté Pfeningberger 8A On the 14th of March 2013 the first 4DX Cinema City opened on Váci út 1-3 opened in the Westend mall. I was there 15 days after the opening and found it amazing and awesome. But do not think that it’s just so special because of the chairs which move. Not at all. During the film there was also water, light, scent and even wind. I saw the film “Life of Pi”. Unfortunately in the 4DX Cinema City you just could chose between 2 movies, but I am sure that this number is going to rise. I really recommend everybody go there. Believe me it is great!!!! Children´s Railway by Norbert Lukács 7A The Children´s Railway runs in the hills in Budapest between Hűvösvölgy and Széchenyihegy. It is called children´s railway because most of the railroad service is done by children. I’m also a Children´s Railway worker. The hills of Buda is a fantastic place to make a trip or a picnic but it’s also great to take a train and just sit and enjoy the beautiful landscape. Near the railway there are many watchtowers at the top of the hills. From there you have a spectactular view. The Children´s Railway is a must for those who want to see a steam locomotive work or just want have a nostalgic experience. To me it’s a pleasure to work there because I have made a lot of new friends and I have learned lots of interesting things about railways. A Walk to the Citadella by Sophi Hanson 7A One weekend my family and I walked to the Citadella on Gelllért hill. It’s a very nice walk. We started at the Gellért-fürdő by Szabadság híd. At the bottom of the hill there is a church inside the mountain. Its name is Szikla-templom. It was built in 1924. It’s very nice. From there you can see the south side of Budapest. The more you walk uphill the more you can see Budapest. The path is precipitous. There are many steps but that’s no problem. At the top there is the Statue of Liberty in Budapest; the Citadella. I think it’s very beautiful. It was built in 1947 right after the second world war. From there you can see the whole city. The view is breathtaking. On the way down you can go through a big playground and slide park. There are more than 5 slides for little children. It’s a good weekend programme!

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