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THE HOLOCAUST PROJECT by Fanni Németh 8B Both of the 8 grade classes decided to do a project about the Holocaust and the life of the Jews. The project started on a Tuesday when my class 8/B went to the Holocaust Museum in the 9th district. We had a guided tour of the museum which we found really interesting. There were 6 big rooms and a synagogue. First we heard about the Jews in Hungary and stories about their families. Later we saw pictures and posters about Christian and Jewish shops where it said that people should buy products from Christian shops and must avoid the Jewish ones. At that time the people didn´t know where that situation would lead. In one of the last rooms there were pictures and videos about the concentration camps in Auschwitz- Birkenau which we found shocking and quite depressing. Our class saw an original shirt from a prisoner too! At the end of the tour we went to the synagogue where we discovered benches made of glass. Our guide explained us that they were memorial benches for the ones who were taken to camps or were just killed by the Nazis. On every bench there was a name and a picture of the person. We found Radnóti Miklós and Rejtő Jenő too! After this we went to the banks of the Danube and looked for the “Shoes”.The Shoes are made of iron and they tell a very sad story. When the Jews were captured a lot of them were brought to the Danube where they were forced to stand in a line. They had to take off their shoes and then they were shot. The dead bodies fell into the Danube and the shoes are a symbol for that insane killing and to let us not forget the whole tragedy. In the school we watched 2 films about this time. I found this project really interesting and in my opinion we should learn even more things about that time. Class 8B in front of the Holocaust Museum. Left: Video installation with Holocaust survivors. Above: Shoe at the Danube banks.

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