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TECH/NET MINECRAFT by Dániel Li 8B On the other side, Minecraft has a very low system requirement and it runs on almost every platform. Almost every computer can play this awesome game. It costs 20 Euros but there is also a cracked version out there if you want it for free. Daniel S., Szabolcs and I play on a Minecraft server called ThunderCraft. This is a very good server. I highly recommend you to connect to it! :D IP: DC3 by Márk Kereszty 7A You might have often heard the word Minecraft. This game is one of the most popular games, along with HALO, CoD and Counter Strike. This game is basically just a world made out of blocks and you can build a lot of stuff in it. In the creative mode you can express your creativity and build things such as mansions, modern houses, buildings and much more. But there is a survival mode where you have limited resources, health and you become hungry. In this case you need to show your survival skills. Get your gear and let’s go and kill some zombies! MY CANON EOS 1100D by Sophi Hanson 7A I got a camera kit for Christmas from my parents. It’s a Canon EOS 1100D. It has many functions that help you take better pictures. For example, the portrait and the action mode. After loading the pictures on my laptop I edit them. I love this work. I also got a case for the camera which I always use as it protects the camera. I also got a 8GB memory card which is big enough for hundreds of pictures. I always make photos when I’m at home but also when we’re in the city. I have a site on Face- book where I post my own pictures from Budapest: I love BP. Dance Central 3 is a very good Xbox Kinect game. It has got two older versions DC2 and DC1. That is quite a good party game. You can play in multiplayer mode or in single player mode. In that game you can find songs like “Ice Ice Baby”, “OMG”, “Starships” or “Sexy and I Know It”. It has also got a Demo version which you can find on Xbox Live. You can choose a song or you can play the story mode where you have to stop the evil who wants to control the dancer. There are many different tones. If you want to dance Gangnam Style you have to download it from Xbox Live. I really like to play it with my friends.

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