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STUDENT EXCHANGE by Bori Horváth & Luca Kobulnizky 8B In November, 2012 we went on a student exchange to Germany. From class 8/a and 8/b all together there were 26 students. We met at the airport on the 20th of November and the adventure started. We checked in, had a quick meal and the trip began. We arrived at Hahn Airport and went by bus to Rimbach, where the parents and the students were already waiting for us. We met our exchange students and then went home with them. Next morning we met at the school in Rimbach. Everybody looked like „washed socks”. We had two lessons. In the first lesson we talked about our exchange students and their families with Ábel bácsi and Mr Vorreiter. In the second lesson we got some advice from the headmistress; she wished us a good week and good luck. After the long but exciting speech we got our timetables and went to the classes. After we had survived the lessons we went ice skating and had great fun. Then we went back to Rimbach. The teachers told us that the next morning we should be at school on time. We had to wake up at 6 because we didn’t have any clue how far the school is. Someone was lucky because they were taken by car but someone was unlucky and had to take a train or had to walk. Then we had the chance to get to know Mödlig closer. Then the weekend came. We made an exciting plan together. Some of us went shopping and some of us went to the cinema. Later on we had a bowling party together. Then the next day we attended the school as a normal student. It was different than before because we got to know each other better. The most remarkable event was the farewell party when we sang, danced and agreed that we will never forget each other. Let’s repeat it again in Hungary! PROJECT CYBERWORLD by Arnold Hajnal 7b On the 15th and 16th of April six Austrians came to our school to do a theatre workshop with us. They also performed one of their fantastic plays “Anna und der Wolf ”. On Monday we went to the gym and they introduced themselves. They took one big paper and we wrote down a few rules, for example Majority decides or Every idea is useful. Kids split to 10 groups. Then we also took some paper and started to write down our ideas about friendship and the Internet. After 20 minutes we ranked our ideas – We´d written all the ideas on separate papers and when somebody had written what we already had on those papers, we added a mark. The most popular ideas were: Facebook, Google, YouTube… - from the category Internet, and from the category friendship: helping, speaking, fun… After that every group got one topic from each category and we had to write a story about it. I was in Group No. 7 and we got YouTube and time investing. Later on we joined 2 other groups to make a connection between our stories. We all wrote great stories which will be now edited and, few months from now played by us. I´m looking forward to it!!!

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