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SPORTS Wakeboarding by Kamilla Grämer 8B Last summer started up as if it was the same as the years before, but when my friend got the idea to try out something new, we were thinking of the same thing; „What if we tried wakeboarding?” That was the idea of our summer. While we were looking for the right place we realized that there is a stunning wakeboard cable park at Venice beach. We decided to visit a camp there. What should I say: brilliant idea! On the first day of the camp we were really nervous, but when the trainers started to explain what to do we weren’t just nervous, we were shocked. We’d never tried any type of sport, so stepping on a board and holding onto a rope that pulls you across the river seemed a bit absurd to us. After the first try we were standing all wet and full of joy next to the trainer, who was busy explaining how to do it better. In the lunch break we met lots of nice people (most of them were already on a higher level of wakeboarding) who told us how everything works there. In the next days we were able to try out some tricks which made us really proud of ourselves. On the last day of the camp there was a small competition. Where we finished isn’t public. But we got to know a new type of sport and even just to know that we were able to learn wakeboarding in a week made us proud of ourselves and proud of the perfect trainers who helped us. Kickboxing by Adam Hämmerle 7A Some sportsmen founded Kickboxing in the 1970s in the U.S.A. It is a mix of classic boxing and Asian fight sports. I like this kind of sport and I´ve won a lot of medals. Fortunately my trainer, Lajos Hugyetz, was very successful and knows how to teach kids.He won the Hungarian Championship and finished second in the World Championship. The name of my club which was founded by Hugyetz Lajos is Lalee’SC If you practise this sport you have to wear some protection: for your head, for your legs, for your feet, for your teeth and for your groin. Scuba Diving by Bence Hegyi 8A Everybody says that scuba diving is one of the most dangerous sports in the world. Of course it is dangerous if you don’t follow the rules or you are afraid of the water. I have been scuba diving since my 12th birthday and I can tell you it isn’t dangerous if you follow the rules and instructions. I think you shouldn’t start scuba diving if you are claustrophobic because you can only come up or get deeper if you know exactly what you have to do. There are many types of scuba diving; for example cavern, where you can dive through underwater caves, or wreck diving, where you dive into ship or airplane wrecks on the bottom of the ocean. I love doing both. Here you can see me jumping into the water before a cave dive.

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