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SCHOOL LIFE FILM CLUB by Dóri Végh and Heny Szy 8B Don’t organize a program on Friday afternoon because a fantastic film project is waiting for you! We recently finished this tutorial and made 3 impressive clips. In the beginning we collected film topics. We had 3(!) perfect ideas. Everyone chose ours, but our teacher DONAT didn’t like it. That’s why we had to join a group of 12 year old boys. Thereafter we had the main jobs: Heny was the movie crew and I was the camerawomen. When it was our turn to shoot the film we had a big problem! Our main character, who wanted to play part of a romantic couple with an 11 year old boy, was missing. So we had to find another “actress” and we chose Dóri. Now all 3 clips are finished but we haven´t seen the edited version yet. We are very excited and Donat said that the clips will get uploaded to the school hompage. GO and visit the film club! It´s great fun! TRIP TO VIENNA by Kamilla Grämer & Hedi Ulmann 8B The 8th graders who either weren’t allowed, or just didn’t want to go to Germany on the student exhange had the idea to go to Vienna instead of staying in school and studying. The first problem was that we nearly missed the train, but luckily we didn’t. In Vienna we visited the hostel where we were supposed to spend the night. When we found out that we had to share a room with our teacher, Mr. Mayr, we freaked out. But then we decided to survive a night. After that we went to the “Naschmarkt” where we got called “sweetheart” and “darling” by the Turkish guys. After lunch we went shopping which we really enjoyed. We had to sneak some culture into our trip so we visited the Klimt exhibition. We only spent half an hour there and then we walked and rode to the Prater where we took a ride on the giant wheel. A surprisingly funny photo was taken there which we bought for Mr. Mayr to always remember this trip. To thank us, he took us to a pizzeria where we had dinner. Then we went to the cinema where we watched a horrible film, which Kristóf had chosen for us earlier. After this terrible experience we travelled back to our hostel. Next day we had a really long walk which seemed nearly endless to us. The goal of this “little walk” was to get to the technical museum. There were plenty of things we could try out like producing electricity by riding a bike. Mr. Mayr could produce the most which really surprised us. We ended our trip with a nice walk and shopping on Mariahilfer Street. Then we nearly missed the train again. The journey home wasn’t boring at all. We were laughing and shouting all the time. We think it was a really great idea to visit Vienna. We really liked it.

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