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OME Contents Craze Wife Carrying Cheese Rolling ONE DIRECTION walls School Life The Film Club Trip to Vienna Student Exchange New dressing room Do you know the 8th graders The Holocaust Project Sports Wakeboarding Kickboxing Scuba Diving Rope Skipping World Championship Animals Some animal records My dog Heki Animal Testing Music Justin Bieber gig Farhát Interview about ONE DIRECTION Books/Movies Schlehenherz How I met your mother Gossip/Trends Gossip to go New trends Tech/Net Minecraft My Canon 1100D DC3 Fast Food Mac Donald´s Fast food in Hungary What to do in 4DX Cinema Budapest Children´s railway A walk to the Citadella Marxism Around the world Making of Harry Potter Niagara Falls Fun/Jokes OME Team Managing Editor: Sophi Hanson, Dorian Szép Layout: Daniel Li Editorial team: Bori Horvath, Twyla Gautho, Balázs Németh, Anna Zsófia Barabás, Müller Niki, Márton Szabics, Regina Rózsahegyi, Dóri Lörincz Something crazy: CHEESE ROLLING A great project of the 8th graders: The Holocaust Justin Bieber live in Vienna Read more about the gig inside!

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