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NEW DRE SING ROOMS by Regina Rózsahegyi 7A Class 7A painted the dressing-rooms of our gym. Now it looks more colorful and more attractive. We worked hard and used the design our class created the year before . First we painted the wall white in the Arts lessons on Tuesday and continued with colors on Thursday. We painted some pieces of a puzzle on the wall and designed the hat-and-coat rack with our hands. Do you know the 8th graders? In less than 3 months the guys from 8th class will fly out of the school and will attend different secondary schools all over Budapest. This is the last chance to get to know them better, learn from them, have fun and laugh with them! They are all very interesting, creative, clever and funny people. Don´t miss the chance! Meet them and make friends with them. We all hope you will really like it and it will stay for a long time that way and the next children at school will also think about uswhile they are dressing for the PE lesson. by Bori Horváth 8B Are you interested in Stars of the Tales? You can find Tinklebell among us, a lovable person, friendly with everybody and the heart of any party. You can laugh with her a lot, she is so naive that she believes everything you say. She still believes that dragons exist. Have you ever heard about Aber King? Look for him, ask for the story about his name. I guarantee that his story is better than any cartoon you know from Disney´s studio. And there are the Dancing Girls. They are members of the teams which have won outstanding awards in different European and World Championships in Acrobatic Rock&Roll. Don’t miss them if they are dancing in the corridor or in the yard. They are really amazing. Have you ever heard the Golden Voice Girls from the choir? Listen to them! They will really touch your heart with their voices and move your soul to make the world nicer. Basketball forever! They are the pride of Edina néni. If you play on their team you will win. Don’t take any risk, join them every Thursday or Friday! Have you already met those guys who have excellent marks in the 8th classes? They are really clever boys and girls! Bring their secrets to light. Learn from them and follow them. All guys in the 8th classes have something in common; they all loved to be in the Austrian-Hungarian European School.

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