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Animal testing by Panna Zoltai 8A In the last English lessons we were talking about animal testing!!! Who says its good and who says it´s not good? Of course we had a big dis- cussion about testing cosmetics and also drugs on animals! Do you think it´s necessary that thousands of mammals suffer in order to help a new shampoo market??? I think it´s not good because this is torture and sometimes they even die! I love animals so much so I don’t really like to talk about it. They are mostly testing on monkeys, mice, rats or cats which makes them crazy and aggressive! I would save them. But they are born in labs and also die there so they don’t know real life! If we didn’t test on animals what would happen? We can’t test on humans!!! In my opinion it is a bad thing but we can´t do anything! I would try to find another way to test drugs and medications. JUSTIN BIEBER GIG by Niki Müller 8A Thousands and thousands of teenage girls were screaming as they saw Justin coming in on the wings. Then he started with a song called “Catching Feelings”. Now the girls were crying and screaming extremely loud. Then he performed every song from his album, Believe. He also sang some older, famous songs like “One Time” or “Never Say Never”. Once he was wearing white clothes then a white t-shirt with a red cardigan and then a black leather jacket and at the end he was half naked :D. So I think this was the best day of my life and I have unforgettable memories. MUSIC I think everyone knows that I am a big Justin Bieber fan. I´ve loved him and his music since 2009, the 5th class. Justin became famous on youtube and not on Disney channel like other teen stars. His mother uploaded some of his videos where he sings. She started to upload them in 2007, when Justin was 13. Justin’s username was Kidrauhl. Some of the BELI- EBERS still call him Kidrauhl. Justin has Beliebers and fans. The fans love him because of his looks but the Beliebers because of himself. (Beliebers were the first fan base to be named, and now they (/we) are the first fan base to have a movie.) So I had a dream (like every Belieber) to meet Justin. And on 9th November my dream came true! I bought myself the BELIEVE Tour tickets. I had normal standing tickets although I wanted to buy Golden Circle. But they were sold out. So on the 30th of March I saw Justin Bieber (with Lincy) live! The concert was in Vienna. It started at 19:30. As the countdown began, (on every JB concert there is a countdown before the start) the atmosphere was raging.

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