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You can’t miss it because on the door there is a big red star. I like this place very much because it is intimate and I feel that I am in the time of Communism. MARXISM by Dóri Végh 8B AROUND THE WORLD THE MAKING OF HARRY POTTER by Lili Szabó 7A Not a long time ago I was in London. London is a great city and there are lots of things to do. One day I went to the Harry Potter Museum which is near London. I travelled by train to Watford, then I went to the studio by bus. At the studio I first saw an introductory film. It was very nice. Behind the screen there was a door to the Great Hall. I stepped in. The Great Hall is the biggest room in the movie. Then I went through the studio and saw all rooms and a lot of props. I also went out and saw the house where Harry lived. In the last room was the castle. It was about 5m big. The film was produced in this studio. At the end of the tour I went to the shop and bought a wand. If you go to London, please visit the museum of Harry Potter, because it’s great fun. On Saturday, the day of the big test for the high schools, I was very exhausted and under pressure and my mum wanted to cheer me up and relax. So we went first to an art cinema called Cirko-Geizír. It is in a cellar where they don’t play Hollywood movies, only art films. There we got tea for free during the film. After that I got hungry and my mother showed me this pizzeria and pub called Marxism. The name was created because the restaurants are called Maxim and Karl Marx was one of the founders of the Communist ideology. The decor there is interesting: the tables are separated by barbed wire and there are red flags all over the place. There’s a uniformed mannequin and even a showcase of Communist medals and trinkets. There are many posters with famous persons from Communism, vinyl records and a lot of paintings on the walls. We could buy many kinds of pizzas with really funny names, like red October and election promises. If you walk near the shopping mall Mamut you should definitely go to this restaurant and pub.

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