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GOSSIP/TRENDS * Shakira and Gerard Piqué have a son now! Little Milan was born on the 23rd of January * Lady Gaga replaced Justin Bieber as the person who has the most followers on Twitter! * Harry Styles and Taylor Swift are dating again! NO, wait they aren`t! No one knows what`s going on in their relationship. It´s a constant up and down. * Some people say they saw Selena Gomez and Josh Hutcherson flirting! Who knows, JB`s ex and the movie star would make a great couple! T R E N D S Gossip to go by Agnes Strasser 8A My favourite shoes are Vans. Paul van Doren and James Van Doren opened the first Vans store in 1966. It is a cool brand because the shoes keep you warm and they look awesome. All my friends wear Vans too. I have got two pairs. One is a white/skytop and the other one is purple/black. Kevin says that Vans are the best shoes in the world. I agree! And the best is: Girls can wear Vans too. by Ádám Hämmerle 7A Domo Kun is the mascot of a Japanese TV show. It is a furry little monster with spikey teeth and big black eyes. About 90 % of all kids in Japan know him! But I also think that many people know him here. Domo Kun in Japanese means something like „Hello and nice day!” I have a stuffed Domo Kun and I think he is very adorable! And the best thing is that he is pink, my favorite color. by Twyla Gautho 7A I think everybody knows that Szilveszter and I like to have our own style. Now we created something that we call “formal style”. You wear a jacket, a shirt, a tie or a bow tie with normal trousers and sneakers. It´s very convenient and looks really cool. Check it out!! by Dániel Molnár 8B

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