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Mc Donald´s FAST FOOD by Németh Balázs 7A A few days ago I was at McDonald´s. Mc- Donalds is the biggest fast food restaurant in the world.The history of McDonald’s is the following: Hamburgers and Hot-dogs were very popular in the United States. Richard and Maurice McDonald were among the first 10 people who sold hot-dogs. They opened a fast food restaurant where they offered Hot-Dogs and Hamburgers. Soon they saw that they sold more hamburgers than hot dogs and so they decided to create new burgers. In the 50´s they opened a fast food restaurant that we call McDonald’s. My favourite hamburger at McDonald’s is the Mc Chicken. I love McDonald’s food because it is very tasty but I know that it is unhealthy and fatty. FAST FOOD IN HUNGARY After watching the movie “Supersize Me” in English Panna and I were very interested about Hungarian eating habits. So on a Friday afternoon after school we went to the nearest shopping mall Mammut. It was about lunch time so the fast food restaurants were full of hungry teenagers or adults who haven’t got time to cook. At first we asked 15 people about their favourite fast food restaurant. Seven people eat at McDonald’s, four prefer KFC. Two of them go to other fast food places and only two of them didn’t eat any junk food at all. We´ve made the following diagram: by Vera Tartóczki & Zoltai Panna 8A We also asked some people if they care how many calories they eat? The answers were: • No. When I’m hungry I eat. • Yes, but I don’t have time to cook. • I don’t really care how many calories I eat. • I know that it is unhealthy but I don’t want to see how many calories I eat. • I eat junk food occasionally and if I eat it, I don’t care. We think it was very interesting and funny to ask the people and we just wanna tell everyone: Don´t eat too much junk food!

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