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FARHÁT by Jánosi Viktória Emma 7A Farhát was a band in the 90s. My father told me a lot about them because he was a member of it. The band Farhát started in the year 1993. The first band members were Rubin Kristóf, Egri Gábor and Varga Gábor. The name Farhát came from a sign which said: csirke farhát eladó (chicken back for sale). One night they stole this sign. Rubin Kristóf was the bass guitarist, Egri Gábor the rythm guitarist and Varga Gábor was the singer of the band. In the year 1994 two new members joined: Pálvölgyi István, the drummer and Jánosi Kristóf the solo guitarrist. They put the sign on the drum. They were not so famous but they enjoyed the time in their band. They had many concerts but the biggest ones were on Sziget. They had 3-4 concerts there. They played in front of many other famous musicians and bands and they played with other famous bands, like: ’Roy és Ádám’ and ’Hooligans’. In the year 1996 the band broke up because the Rock’n’Roll lifestyle was too These are the bandmembers left to right: much for the young fathers. Jánosi Kristóf, Rubin Kristóf, Varga Gábor, Pálvölgyi István and Egri Gábor Interview about ONE DIRECTION S: How did their career begin? by Sári & Lili Szabó 7A L: They were all solo singers on X-Factor but were put together because alone they could have never reached the live show. S: What kind of music do they play? L: They play pop and sometimes rock music. S: How many albums have they made and have they made a tour? L: They have released two albums “Up all night” and “Take me home”. This year they will have their second tour. S: What is their most famous music video? L: They have already produced 5 videos but the most famous one is “Kiss You”. S: What is your favourite song? L: My favourite song is “Live”. S: Thank you for the interview. L: You´re welcome! One Direction started their carreer two years ago on X-Factor. There are five band members: Louis Tomlinson, Niall Horan, Harry Styles, Zayn Malik and Liam Payne. I interviewed my friend Lili who knows everything about this band.

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