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WIFE CARRYING by Sophi Hanson 7A Wife carrying is a sport from Finland. The thing is, the husband has to carry his wife, who hangs upside down on his back. The fastest couple wins. It’s not so easy because you have to run a 250 meter long parcour through water, sand and other obstacles. Ropes aren´t allowed so the woman has to hold onto her man. The first competition was in Sonkajärviben in 1992. The fastest couple comes from Finland. They finished this parcour in 1 m 0,73 s. CHEESE ROLLING by Nóri Ligetvári 7A ONE DIRECTION WALLS by Niki Müller 8A A lot of girls like me are “Directioners”. A Directioner is someone who loves and adores the British- Irish boyband ONE DIRECTION. I have been a big 1D fan for more than a year now and, like other Directioners, I started to collect posters of the band. Directioners use the posters to decorate all the walls in their bedrooms. I have got exactly 32 posters in my room. I started to collect these posters at the end of summer and almost all of them are from German magazines. The pictures show some walls of crazy Directioners. CRAZE Every year in May, in the Cotswold region of England, hundreds of people turn up to take part in the Cooper Hill cheese rolling competition. Some of them even dress up. The rules are simple: a large, round Double Gloucester cheese is rolled down the steep hill and all the competitors chase after it. The first person who crosses the finish line wins the cheese. However, this is not a sport for weak people because, most years at least, one person ends up in hospital with a broken leg.

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