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BOOKS/MOVIES Schlehenherz by Csilla Szakács 8B Schlehenherz is a German book about a girl, Lila, whose best friend Vio was killed. Everything happened because of a school party. Vio was always the „bad girl” and Lila the „good one”. Vio wanted to go to that school party but her parents didn’t allow it. She snuck out of the house and went to Lila for help. But Lila didn’t help her. They started to fight ... Later Lila saw Vio on the school party with a boy. The next day Vio was found dead under a Schlehenbaum. Lilla resolved that she would find Vios killer. But it was not as easy as she thought. In my opinion the book is really interesting. Maybe a little bit hard to read in German, but it is written in a very exciting way and engages the reader. I couldn’t stop reading it. I recommend this book to all girls who love sad and exciting stories. How I met your mother by Ipacs Renáta 8A If you are bored I know something that will make you happy! ‘How I met your mother’ is the best se- ries ever. It’s funny and very exiting with many good jokes in it. If you want to find out more about it, read my article. The story takes place in the year 2030. Ted Mosby, one of the main characters, tells his children how he met their mother. The story begins in 2005. When Marshall Eriksen, Ted’s best friend, wants to marry Lily Aldrin, Ted began to think about his life. He can’t wait; he should look for his love too. Barney Stinson, who helps him, is a real bachelor and always talks about sexy women. Later, Ted meets with Robin Scherbatsky and thinks that Robin is his big love. But his life is full of surprises and the story gets more compli- cated… Most of you have heard about this series. But maybe you haven´t seen any episodes. If so, I hope after my short article you will get into the mood to watch ‘How I met your mother’. The series has run 8 seasons so far but I think there will be a 9th season too. You can watch it online on or sometimes on Comedy Central.

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