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ANIMALS The World’s smallest dog T by Lilla Kiss 8B his small Terrier comes from Poland and her name is Little Meysi. When she was born her owner, Anna Pohl, nearly threw Meysi in the trash. Little Meysi is as small as a hamster. The dog is 7cm tall, 12cm long and weighs 150g. Her size makes Meysi the world’s smallest dog. She will be registered in the Guinness Book of World Records. Little Meysi is now 4 months old. Giant George - World’s biggest dog by Sophi Hanson 7A Giant George is not an ordinary dog. No, he is the biggest dog in the world. His height is 110 cm and his weight is 111 kg. Big, isn´t he? George’s breed is Great Dane (= Dänische Dogge) and his colour is blue. They say it because when he stays in the sunlight his fur seems to be blue. David Nasser is his owner. The 7 year old dog ( in dog years = 49 year old) already has a Guiness World Record Certificate. He lives with David in Arizona and I think he’s really cute. My dog HEKI by Kevin Simon 7A The naked mole rat by Lilla Kiss 8B The naked mole rat. There are 30 different kinds of mole rats. The best known is probably the naked mole rat, who is hairless, has big teeth and is disgusting. These rats live in East Africa and are special mammals. They can never have cancer. The naked mole rats are 8-9 cm long and are 30-80 grams. They live under the earth, dig special tunnels and eat roots and worms. With their wrinkled body they are one of the ugliest animals in the world! My dog´s name is Heki. He is very old; 13 years old. Heki is a mix breed dog. He is bigger than a foxhund but smaller than a pitbull. He is around 30 kg. When we found him he was as small as a mobile. At the time we found Heki we had a dog whose name was Arthur. Arthur and Heki became friends. They loved each other. Three years later Arthur died and Heki was alone. It was a very difficult time for Heki.

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