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EuroPriSe Enterprise Economy European Privacy Seal The European Privacy Seal (EuroPriSe) is an European data protection seal based on the ambitious European data protection law. It certifies data-protection-conform IT products and IT services. Objective: expanding the market for dataprotection-conform products and generally strengthening confidence in IT. Global Migration Enterprise Economy The Global Migration Group (GMG) was formed in 2007 by the most important international organisations and UNO agencies involved in matters of migration. Objective: bringing together international and regional instruments and standards of migrants, so as to better cope with the challenges of migration and to make better use of the related opportunities. HACCP Enterprise Economy Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point - Konzept The Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points concept (HACCP) comprises mandatory guidelines on ensuring food safety that must be documented. It is binding on all companies involved in the production, processing and distribution of food products. ISO 12647 Enterprise Economy The ISO standard ISO 12647 is a process standard for offset printing that now also applies to additional printing processes. It defines binding colouration standards, standard paper as well as process control methods. ISO/ICE 17025 Enterprise Economy ISO/IEC 17025 is a quality standard for laboratories that carry out tests and calibration. ISO 27001 Enterprise Economy ISO/IEC 27001 is the world’s best known standard for information security. It defines the prerequisites for the creation, introduction, operation, monitoring, maintenance and optimisation of a documented information security management system, taking account of all IT risks within companies and organisations. ISO 2846 Enterprise Economy ISO 2846 applies above all to manufacturers of printing colours in Europe, the USA and Japan, and defines the colour and transparency of the scale print colours for four-colour printing. This ISO standard is the successor to the earlier “Euroskala”. ISO 9001 Enterprise Economy The EN ISO 9001 quality management standard is the most frequent and most important quality management standard, both nationally and internationally. It defines the minimum requirements on a quality management system that organisations must comply with for their products and services. 5

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