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28 TCO Certified Product Ecology Tjänstemännens Centralorganisation (Schwedischer Dachverband für Angestellte) TCO Certified, quality seal of the Swedish employee and civil servant union TCO (Tjänstemännens Centralorganisation) for Green IT. The international and independent sustainability certification tests ecological and social requirements of IT products and, among other things, satisfies the requirements of the ISO 14024 Type I Environmental Label standard. Tierschutzlabel Product Ecology „For More Animal Protection“, two-level animal protection label of the German Animal Protection Association with entry and premium level that documents compliance with high standards of animal protection, such as species-appropriate keeping in the production of animal-based food products. UTZ Certified Product Ecology UTZ Certified, quality seal of the Amsterdam-based foundation for the documentation of ecological and ethically sustainably produced agricultural products bearing the same name – above all coffee, cocoa and tee. Viabono Product Ecology Viabono, certificate of the German GmbH of the same name for the leisure-time/tourist industry for the promotion of environmentally and climate-friendly travel, based on four environmental KPIs from the areas water, waste, energy and climate as well as food. ABG/Austria Bio Garantie Product Ecology Austria Bio Garantie, quality seal of the GmbH by the same name and leading Austrian organic control body, carries out national and international controls on organic products along the producer chain, and certifies compliance with statutory requirements, standards and guidelines. Cradle to Cradle (Bronze) Product Ecology Cradle to Cradle Certified (C2C), German quality seal for distinguishing products that demonstrably use environmentally safe, healthy and recyclable materials while safeguarding social responsibility. A one-year certificate is awarded. This requires re-certification and enables higher certification levels through optimisation: from Basic to Silver, Gold and Platinum. Cradle to Cradle (Silver) Product Ecology Cradle to Cradle (Gold) Product Ecology ISO 14041 Product Ecology ISO 14041:1999 will be replaced by the new standard ISO 14040:2006. This standard describes the principles and requirements for the ecological audit (LCA): definition and determination of objective and examination framework as well as life cycle inventory analysis.

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