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Pro Planet Label Product Ecology Pro Planet Label, own label of the REWE Group for conventionally produced goods that take account of selected ecological and social criteria along the value-added chain. Rainforest Alliance Product Ecology Rainforest Alliance Certificate (Rainforest Alliance Certified), quality seal of the globally active New York environmental organisation Rainforest Alliance for ecological and fair-traded food and beverages grown in the tropics. The standards are repeatedly criticised as not sufficiently strict. RESY Product Ecology RESY label, symbol of the German Organisation für Wertstoffentsorgung GmbH (Darmstadt) for transport and outer packing from paper and cardboard that guarantees disposal and material re-use of all transport and outer packing bearing the RESY symbol. Attachment of the symbol indicates fulfilment of the requirements of the packing regulation for transport packing. spiel-gut Product Ecology spiel-gut, quality seal of the German Arbeitsausschuss Kinderspiel + Spielzeug e.V. (Ulm) for particular toys in terms of function, playing value, and health or ecological aspects. STeP Product Ecology Sustainable Textile Production STeP (Sustainable Textile Production) by OEKO-TEX®, quality seal for brands, trading companies and manufacturers in the textile value-added chain, wishing to communicate their level of sustainability in a transparent manner. Stop Climate Change Product Ecology SCC (Stop Climate Change), programme and simultaneously climate label for reducing emissions of greenhouse gases, unavoidable emissions are compensated for via climate-protection projects. Supporting the Cotton Made in Africa Initiative Product Ecology CmiA (Cotton made in Africa), initiative and quality seal of the Aid by Trade Foundation, formed by Michael Otto (Otto Group) in Hamburg in 2005. Objective: to improve the social, economic and ecological living conditions of small cotton farmers and their families in Sub-Saharan Africa. Using an own standard, sustainable and cotton-growing methods are implemented, promoted as well as strategic partnerships and demand alliances developed. svenskt arkiv Product Ecology svenskt arkiv, Swedish service provider for cloud-based digital and physical data and archiving management. All associated branches are certified by Bureau Veritas in accordance with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. 27

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