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GEPA Fair Trade Company + Product Ecology Gesellschaft zur Förderung der Partnerschaft - The Fair Trade Company + fair+ label, initiated by GEPA as a signal that the general fair trade criteria have been exceeded. Not a seal. GOTS Product Ecology Global Organic Textile Standard GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard), global standard for the processing of textiles from organically generated natural fibres. It defines ecological and social standards along the value-added chain that are ensured through independent certification. I’m green Product Ecology I‘m green, independent seal and registered trademark of the Brazilian chemical group Braskem for plastic products, produced from at least 85 % of the renewable raw material sugar cane, are capable of recycling, protect resources and save CO2. IFS Product Ecology International Featured Standard IFS (International Featured Standard, formerly International Food Standard), standard for the auditing and certification of food manufacturers, processers and packers in terms of food safety and quality of the processes, products and services. ISO 14040 Product Ecology The ISO 14040:2006 standard describes the principles and requirements of the ecological audit (LCA): definition and determination of objective and examination framework as well as life cycle inventory analysis. ISO 14044 Product Ecology The ISO 14044:2006 standard specifies the requirements and existing guidelines of the LCA. LamuLamu Label Product Ecology LamuLamu Öko Fair Tragen LamuLamu Eco Fair Wear (also: LamuLamu Öko Fair Tragen), own brand of Landjugendverlag GmbH, subsidiary of the Katholische Landjugendbewegung (KLJB) and created in 1998 from the campaign “Öko-fair tragen” (Eco Fair Wear). Independent auditing and certification is carried out for cotton clothing in whose value-added chain the defined minimum ecological and social standards as per GOTS have been implemented. Lebensbaum Product Ecology Lebensbaum, German producer of tea, coffee and spices on the basis of long-term partnerships with producers and the use of highest-quality organic raw materials as well as CO2neutral production and the support of educational and nutrition initiatives on site. 23

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