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22 Fairtrade-Programm Product Ecology FAIRTRADE programmes exist for cocoa, sugar and cotton, and bring together Fairtrade produces and customers for the Fairtade raw materials. Objective: fair purchasing of raw materials, not certification of individual products as with the Fairtrade seal. Fairtrade-Siegel Product Ecology The FAIRTRADE seal is awarded to products that are produced and traded under defined social and in part also ecological conditions. As a rule, the seals are awarded by national organisations that have amalgamated in the umbrella association Fairtrade Labelling Organizations International (FLO). FoodSafe Product Ecology FoodSafe, comprehensive training programme for ensuring food safety in the gastronomy of British Columbia and Canada. There are two certification levels. FSC Product Ecology Forest Stewardship Council FSC (Forest Stewardship Council, Bonn), international nonprofit organisation that has initiated the international FSC certification system for the forestry industry. Ten globally applicable principles guarantee the origin of wood and paper products with FSC seal from sustainably managed forests. The FSC has three label categories. FSC 100% Product Ecology Forest Stewardship Council 100% FSC 100% Label, certifies wood-industry products that their materials are 100 % from FSC certified forests. FSC Mix Product Ecology Forest Stewardship Council Mix FSC MIX, labelling for products of the wood industry for which materials from both FSC-certified forests and/or recycling material from controlled sources have been used. Use of at least 70% FSC-certified or post-consumer recycling material is prescribed. FSC Recycled Product Ecology Forest Stewardship Council Recycled FSC Recycling Label, labelling for products of the wood industry containing exclusively recycling material. GEPA Fair Trade Company Product Ecology Gesellschaft zur Förderung der Partnerschaft - The Fair Trade Company GEPA – The Fair Trade Company (Gesellschaft zur Förderung der Partnerschaft mit der Dritten Welt mbH, Wuppertal), the largest European importer of fair traded food and craftsmen‘s products from the southern countries of the Earth.

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