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Tick Mark Product Economy Tick Mark, quality seal, an exclusive Intertek label for products and services that bundles and identifies the independently verified compliance with EN, ISO, DIN standards as well as REACH conformity etc. UL Product Economy Underwriters Laboratories UL (Underwriters Laboratories), internationally operating organisation and owner of the fee-based quality seal of the same name for products, components, materials and systems. VCCI Product Economy Voluntary Control Council Interference VCCI, voluntary label for the independently tested EMC (Electro-Magnetic Compatibility) of IT products. WH Warnock Hersey Product Economy Warnock-Hersey WH (Warnock Hersey), quality seal and exclusive Intertek label for product safety and fitness for purpose of building products in accordance with the building regulations as well as requirements on product safety and fitness for purpose under the relevant standards, such as ASTM, CCMC, ULC, ICBO, CSA, ANSI, UL and EPA. CB-FCS Product Economy Certification Body Full Certification Scheme IECEE CB-FCS (IECEE Certification Body Full Certification Scheme), an extension of the international process of the IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission, Geneva) for product certification of electrical products in accordance with a harmonised standard, better known as IEC CB Scheme. 17

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